Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday. Monday

It maybe be Monday but still seems like Sunday....

My DAY began very early with not being able to sleep. I got up at about 2 and sat working at my laptop for about an hour or more. At that point I went back to bed and slept til 8. It felt good.

I took the dog out after having to feed the cats, take my BP/BS measurement/readings. The dog and I then sat out on the porch for a while before I came back in to read my emails and begin my search of things to do for my TPT webstore.

Below is the item that I have been working on today. I have plans to do a set for every chapter of the most common textbooks of the state.
I also notes for several other items as I get to them. Matter of fact, my iPhone notes is getting full of just note ideas.
My wife took her car to be serviced at the Toyota place this morning, then went by school to help the teacher that took her place. She has Youth Orchestra startup this afternoon.
While she is gone I have towels to fold and put away, TPT items to work on, and various other items to get done on this the last day of the month.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday plus a bithday

Yes, today should be a great day. First, it's my g-daughter's 6th birthday - sort of. Her real birthday is the 2nd but that's a school day so it has been upped a little bit. But she is only 6, so anytime 'around' her real birthday is fine.

There are several other issues going on about that but I will go into that if it really plays out.

My g-daughter's school took a group photo in honor of the state trooper that was killed in the line of duty...

Also I have a copy of her first art assignment for the new year...
Now it is off to her birthday.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Network maddness

Wednesday, about noon my network crashed and took me off line. I did all the troubleshooting that I could, ran all the checks I knew. My moden still had all green lights, I had not surfed places that would have caused hicking, the wires had not been changed. Just my service was down. First thing I thought at that time was "Did I pay the bill?". Of course I could not check my bank balance because I had no net. So I just turned my laptop off and went about the day bored out of my mind.

Thursday came and went. No network connection. Bored again. I did not sleep well Thursday night and got up about 3:30 AM. came to my coputer desk to just work on a project, get my mind 'tired' so I could go back to sleep. Just for kicks I tried the network again - And it came on. Just like it always has.


So here I am, now at 6:30 reading emails, my online paper, finishing my blog etc.

Yesterday Wednesday, I tried several things, such as trying to use my push mower to cut the front yard but it took over an hour to make two laps around the yard. The grass was too tall and the push mower did not cut thru it very well. I'm handicapped.

But, I did finally get through with the front yard and it looks good. Now I need to go to Lowe's to get a belt for my riding mower.

Then my AT&T email got locked up and I have been trying to work with them to clear it but I am still just trying to speak to someone up SPEAKS ENGLISH! I can not understand some who speaks in a very broken Indian accent. 

If you work in the USA for someone who deals with voices on the phone you NEED to speak middle of America.

After 3 1/2 hours I finally got someone who walked me thru all the mess that AT&T put me through and go my account fixed. Got a new password which is fairly easy to remember, answer several security questions and got into my emails. Thank you Brad, Jeanne, Phil, Robin, Mark, Kenneth and Robin. And Rob walked me thru all of it.

I just checked my TPT account and my sales spiked thru the roof yesterday. I mean way thru the roof, more than I have ever seen in my years at TPT. Wow, all mighty.

Thursday I went to the SS office to file for my SS check and some disability resources. Every little bit helps. That night I went by my sister's to just visit since my wife has an ACTS church meeting til about 8 o'clock.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday morning

I did get to cut grass in the country yesterday. It was so cool to be able to ride my x-mark zero turn mower and most of the four acres done. I would have liked to get it all done but rain clouds threatened late in the afternoon. But I did get about 3/4 done. I love getting to go out there and just enjoy my time alone.

I came home, took a shower and worked on TPT items but did not finish any of them yet. I have that to work on later today if I get that far. I have to try to get some of my own yard done - with a push mower since my riding mower is out of commission for now. It is gonna be tuff knowing that I am 'handicapped' and pushing a mower is going to be very tuff. But I will try.

My wife ran off to her District Band/Orchestra Directors Meeting late last night. My nephew came over last night to look at my mower and told me that if I could get the belt he would come by to replace it. Sweet young man.

Thanks Chad.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Just did what normally do with all the pets as I got up. Plus I had to take my BP/BS readings, then I got to answer several emails from former colleagues. I did get up REALLY EARLY- 6AM which is early now that I am retired. I'm not sure I could do the 5AM thing anymore.

I also had problems here at home with my mower yesterday. I had just got out to cut the grass and made one cut around the edges  when all of a sudden the belt snapped on my riding mower. Now I'm out of commission here at home.
Plus I have done several others. So you can see I was busy but they are all FREE so I won't make a killing on any of them.

But at least I will have several offerings.
Also according to the weather guy last night, things look pretty good today so I am planning to go back to the country and cut grass out there - which now, really needs it. We even have a "cool" front that came through last night. Of course a "cool front" means much 'dryer' weather not 'cool air' in July down here.
When I get back I will try to add some more items to my TPT site see what happens. Y'all have a good day, I HOPE to.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Another Week...

Here we go again. I tried to cut grass yesterday but just  I was starting to mow it began to rain and rain hard. It had not rained all day but we went to church, had lunch with my g-daughter. Then she and my wife took off for the dog training session at Pepco. At that point I planned to cut the yard but no, it began to rain.

Today they are calling for an 80% chance of rain but nothing yet.

Therefore, I spent the afternoon working on lesson ideas. Here is another TPT idea that may or may not sale but I am just offering it...
You never know. You just have to put things out there and see what the public wants.
My wife and I did get all the cats claws clipped this morning.
I am going to go out and try to cut the grass since there is nothing but blue skies right now.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday...Rain, rain, and more rain

It has truly been Rain, rain, and more rain all day. Nothing but sitting on the front porch, coming in and checking emails, back to the front porch, coming in and working on various TPT projects such as....

Then going back to the porch, trying to take the dog out between the rain showers, coming back in to eat  lunch. Messing with my g-daughter, and so on, all day long.

I have wanted to do other things but the weather just keeps me from things outside.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

THURSDAY, and TPT went...oh well it WENT

Well TPT did go well but not GREAT. I did sell more than I have in previous months but not as GOOD as I was expecting. I also did not create any new items but I did create a list of things I want to do.

My wife took our g-daughter to school and I ran to Wal-Mart before the rain started coming down.
The weather radar says it is coming done now and more is coming. I got back just in time.
It is about all I can say. I can't cut grass anytime soon. All I can do is work on my TPT items. By the way, yesterday's sale was a bust for me. I only sold three items. A lot less than the one at the beginning of the month. So I know for next year.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday - Rain, TPT Sale, new items

Where do I start? Well lts start with the rain because it stops me from doing anything else this morning....
And I mean a lot of rain coming in from the Gulf. It could be raining for a while it seems. We have been needing it but it has stopped me from cutting grass here at home and out in the country.
Next item up is the huge TPT Sale going on for One Day.
My sales this month have been fantastic, better then ever before, but I am not complaining. I hope that by the end of today it will be even better. I currently have 322 items for sale. Now many of them aren't selling but even a lot of them have started to move.
Such as these new items. They are not a lot but they are a few items that I have used over the years.
These are but just a little sample of what I have done over time.
The rain has slacked off, which means I need to take the dog out, but it may just be on the back porch this morning. It is still raining but the thunder and lightening has stopped.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


The day before another BIG TPT one day Sale. Sure, I am taking part in this sale but I do not think it will be a big deal. 20% off everything in my store, and I am already making more this month than I have any month before.

Again I have another item for sale....
It covers the entire book with events,people, places, explorers....
I currently have over 235 items for sale or freebies.
My plans today are to go to the country and make an attempt to cut some grass. I have not been out there in a month and I know the grass is over grown. I also PLAN to pick some pears, muscadine grapes, and anything else that is ripe. I have plenty of muscadines growing here so I know they have to be ready today.
- - - - - -
But it was POURING RAIN out there. Could not even get out of my car. The grapes were all hidden by their   leaves, the pears seemed to be ok but you really could not get out of the car it was raining so hard.
- - - - - -
Then, when I get back I can begin work on other new items for TPT. Maybe I will come up with a new 'best seller'.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday, but I didn't take Sunday off

Sunday became just another day. Yes I came up with a couple more items for my TPT web store...
One was for Free and the other was for pay. My freebie was just something I have used forever. A simple way to get my students to tell something about what we just covered. It might be just for Louisiana explorers, early historical figures, governors, summaries of battles, inventions, parishes, places, festivals, music, home remedies, foods, graphic novels, etc. 
My 'poof' booklet is only 7-8 pages long and not a lot of writing can go into it. My students can't do a lot of artwork either. It is just a brief, short summary of what they have learned, and they are quick to grade also. I just need a lot of rubber bands or bull dog clips.
My other item is GOING to be a paid item. problem is that it was just taking to long to proof read it and make the final changes so I had to delay it a while.
Sunday became a real Sunday plus my g-daughter came by and that threw me off schedule.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday time to BE off from all things school

It is true, but I have one last thing to post. One additional LaGumbo set that I finished yesterday.
Sure, it took me a while but I did get it fished and uploaded to TPT in time for their daily email of new stuff. I have had a little bit of time to read my online paper and answer a few emails so todays has not been too bad.
See y'all Monday...well, not really 'see' you but I should be here anyway.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday, should be off time

An off time? What is that? I have been spending time completing items for my TPT website. Today I have been working on my LaGumbos.

I have over 200, one for everyday of school, on my own website but they all don't have answers - YET. But I'm working on that.

Other than that I have do my daily routine - see yesterday. I've done all but read the paper.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Wow. PLEASE don't get me wrong. First I love my grand-daughter and the last three days have been so much nicer than ever before. But I am glad to see her go home - even if it is only for a very few hours before she goes to her dad's. Saturday she goes to her other grandparents for a day then back home before she heads to school on Monday.

But she will be back Tuesday and Wednesday as her mom has to work the late shift. It just means that we again see more of her than her own parents do.

I have not posted here in the last couple of days do to spending time with her. Normally she wants nothing to do with me but over the last few days I have seen a slo-o-o-o-w change. I have gotten uncalled for hugs, playing, watching a little TV together, just simple things but a good start. Right as school starts.

I did get to post one item on TPT but I am working on several others. I have been working on my webpage also and that keeps me very busy. I have not had time to do any family research on but I will get back to that in the future - I hope.

My morning routine sucks but it has to be done EVERYDAY...
  • 1. Go to bathroom
  • 2. Put on my socks, knee-brace, and shoes
  • 3. Open the living room shutters
  • 4. Open the dog's kennel
  • 5. Take the dog out to do his business
  • 6. bring him in, get his treat
  • 7. Feed the cats their treats
  • 8. Feed the dog and cats
  • 9. Fill their water bowl
  • 10. Let cats out on back porch
  • 11. Take my BP and BS
  • 12. Post them both on my excel sheet
  • 13. Take my meds based on the BP/BS numbers
  • 14. Go back to bathroom
    • on Friday, collect all the trash
    • take trash out
    • haul trashcan to side of road
  • 15. Now check my emails
  • 16. Read the online newspaper
  • 17. Start the day either by posting here. checking my webpage, writing people back, checking TPT, TN, TW, or/and TL.
  • 18. Finally eat breakfast IF wanted (dry cereal mostly)
I hate doing all of this EVERY DAY. But I have to and on days when my g-daughter spends the night, I have to do it BEFORE she gets up. Otherwise she wants to let the/her dog out of the kennel and then he ends up pooping on the carpet or kitchen floor and then my wife gets MAD. I would rather take him out BEFORE she gets up.

That's my Friday. You want them?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Emails keep flooding in...
My phone just keeps buzzing all morning long letting me know about these emails, one after another after another after. Its not a bad thing, and these are just the ones that are selling, not the freebies.

There goes another buzz...

I can't say I'm tired of them because I not. Heck, it has taken four plus years to get to this point. I am smiling but I know teacher - one of my former student teachers - who is making a ton more than I am, but she teaches a subject and grade that get more notice than mine does.

There goes another buzz...

I have

There goes another buzz...

I have even stopped checking emails after each buzz. I know what it is for and I would rather just wait and see the whole group.

Yesterday we did get a little rain - second day in a row. The yard is beginning to look a little better now. They are calling for more rain this afternoon - but just scattered.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New week

Boy, I opened my emails this morning and that I had sold 43 items on TPT. Good Lord !?!

I know it is Back to School time but Wow. VI was going to post something different but this leaves me in a quandary. What to post? One, my TPT sales are already more this month than any other month in the last six years. I have gotten more comments than ever before.

Now, back to the blog. The dog an I have been outside and it is HOT. To hot to even rock on the porch. We tried it for a bit but we did not stay long. We came in and went straight to his bed and has been sleeping for the last hour. The heat index is high but I still hoping for some RAIN later this week. we need some because the grass is now crunchy under our feet when we go out. The only watering it gets is when the dog does his business.

Late Monday afternoon we did get some rain. About 10 minutes worth. But it was nice just to get some rain.

I need to get back to work creating new items for my TPT site....and not stuff I have stolen or kind-of ripped off. Stuff that is new, and fresh. Stuff that someone else can steal from me. Because I'm now getting emails from "new" Louisiana history teachers.

I must be considered the 'veteran' now.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

We have spent days and days and days sitting our g-daughter

We have spent three and a half days of the last four babysitting our grand-daughter. Her dad was to keep her one of those days but overslept picking her up between 3-4pm.she may even be here long.

I will be glad when school finally starts. And as she has said, "7 days Pawpaw", I know darling. But that's 8 days to many. Please don't get me wrong, I love her but it is time to head back to school and first grade.

I post another Freebie late yesterday call "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." and yes I stole the idea - sort of. Now, I did steal the idea but not the product. The idea was from an elementary teacher and I rebuilt the whole thing making it more middle/high school history/ELA/art related. So I guess I only 'stole' the idea, but I do that a lot from blogs, emails, Pinterest, web shopping, magazine reading. I even created some from and idea my brain thought of from a catalog the other day.
I come up with the weirdest things from the weirdest places at the weirdest times. My brain is always running. This one is no different. You COULD say I stole it from Disney, but it is just from my 60+ years of 'experiences' more than any thing else. 
I may walk outside with the dog this morning and have an idea hit me. It's like as soon as I sit in the rocking chair on the porch I get ideas which makes me want to come back to my laptop and create.
I just wish I could stop for ten minutes or so. But then I would be dead I guess.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Just too dang hot

Saturday around 2pm it was just too dang hot. I normally take the dog out about every couple of hours and then he and I sit on the porch enjoying the breeze. But not today. Oh, there was a gentle breeze but it just too hot, it felt like someone turned the oven on and left the oven door open.  Even the dog decided he wanted to come in.
He and I just decided we had had enough and came inside.
Even our cats refused to slip out. It was too hot. I looked around the living room and three cats and the dog where sleeping enjoying the cool air and me, I just started typing here.
Sunday was even worse and Monday is told it is going to be the WORSE yet. And it IS hot out there all ready - at 11:00am.

Still nothing at one and plenty at the other

TN has done nothing. TPT keeps on keeping on. Sales this month have been fantastic. Plus I have just been posting more and more of my "freebies" like....

Now I need to start posting more of my 'non-free' items. But then again, you can see some of them on the left side of this blog.

I just got an email from a teacher who has just been assigned to teach La history this year. She has said that she has been by my website plus TPT and wants to know about my LaGumbos. So I guess I need to get busy and start fixing that for her. and I have over LaGumbos/bellringers.
She has just given me more to work on and even LESS time to get it done.
I currently have over 311 items on TpT website and more to come but I need to post more American history so that I get a broader range of interest. Louisiana history is so limited.

Friday, August 7, 2015

50% of nothing is still nothing

Boy, I can tell you that TN has nothing on TPT because a sale there is doing nothing and I mean NOTHING. 50% of nothing is still nothing. TN is really more about elementary grades I guess, because I have figured out that no self respecting teacher of upper grades is doing anything there.

During the month of July I have sold ONE item making a WHOLE $1.67 sent to my PayPal account. My other two sites are even WORSE if you can believe it. Nothing at all in the last four months. I have run sale after sale after sale trying to drum up so sort of business. I have taken my biggest TPT items and tried selling them for 50% off with no bites.

I think I will stay at TPT and let the other sites just hang out there to see if there are ANY bites later this year. All the while, I will keep posting my "Freebie"s and other stuff at TPT plus see how my regular sales go. My 'dashboard' at TPT looks like Pikes Peak right now but my "Freebie" stuff has been moving well. Here's my latest....

And then I have other new stuff priced to move at TPT and I post those tomorrow.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wow! Double Wow!

Yesterday's TPT sale when fantastic. Not only did I have the most single day sales that I ever had at TPT, but I gained a long list of new "followers" which helps a lot. And the sale was just two days, but it WAS a site-wide sale.

Now it only means creating more and more cool stuff to post online. I am busy as all get-out just going through all my old items and making them more presentable such as this one...
It is just one of many that I am updating so that I can give it away. This just means I am having more and more stuff on TPT and things like this earn" me nothing except respect and comments like... "This looks great and appreciate you sharing. Your class looks like it would be an amazing place to grow and learn as a student."
But I'm still okay with that.
I even have noticed emails and comments are still flooding in from my sales. I'm am just hoping that TN gets moving today. I mean, TN 'seems' to be more of an elementary type of website and I'm middle school. There are a few middle and high school teachers there but I can't get any responses from theme as to how their sites are doing.
Maybe I'll just have to be happy with my TPT wow and move on.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Euureka moments

As I look through my emails, I end up with a "eureka" moment of my/our own. It is like I said a couple of days ago, you just NEVER know where the next eureka is going to come from. I don't. I have had them happen as I eating breakfast, during the middle of the night as I sleep, as I am driving from place to place. Most of my eureka moments come out of no where.

Which brought me to the Middle School Mob website. Very, very cool new site.

Here we go again, I just got this message at TPT...Please contact me concerning this document. This is the same one we visited about on teacher lingo only with changes made. Taken from my store.
I'm sorry but not happening. Why would I steal if I don't have too?
Yesterday's TPT sales were the best I have ever had. My 'dashboard' spiked way up, and it is only the 4th of the month. NowI just have to see if my TN site actually begins to work, but I figure it won't.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Final Day of TPT Sale

It may be the final day of the TPT Sale but I do have my next one running tomorrow and Thursday at TeachersNetwork. And it is even better than TPT in that the TN Sale is 50% off but on less stuff. I have over 300 items at TPT but only about two dozen items at TN.

Check it out at least. Just maybe you will find something that you can use.

I went to the DMV yesterday morning to renew my license and have a 'flag' removed from it and then get my care inspected but the line was HORRIBLE and super long waits. After two hours I just gave up and walked out. My number was 89 and they were just on number 62. It was the first of the month I know but still.....

I just left and came back home. I then went back later that afternoon and things were sweet. I was in and out in about 20 minutes, then went to get my car inspected which only took about 5 minutes. While I was out I ran by Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions and got them super fast also. I was back home in under 45 minutes. Sweet!

I then took to dog out, sat on the front porch and simple just rocked the afternoon away till my wife got home. Afterwards we decided to go out to eat but neither of us wanted that much anyway. So after trying a few nosing around a few new places we ended back at one of our 'tried and true. old places - Cracker Barrel and just had a 'light' supper.

From there we came home to watch a 'marathon' of Netflix NCIS. That took us til 11:30.

Yes, we are OLD FOLKS and don't do much special anymore.

Monday, August 3, 2015

TPT Sale

Everyone around TPT is promoting the Sale that is going on for back to school even thought it is not time for back to school yet. It's close but it is not yet. I know that it is gonna hit me hard again in a couple of weeks when I realize that I can't get back to my love - teaching.

My medical disability has been hitting me hard for the last couple of summers and just a few days ago it really hit me when my sister visited and commented that she had met a few people who wonder where I was and not out on the softball field. That hurt. I miss my team dearly but I THOUGHT that I had gotten over it the last two summers. But maybe not yet.

Now school will start without me again and I have to feel sad again even though I am trying to get over it by tossing most of my teaching stuff away. I have gotten rid of about half my stuff. My garage has become most empty now. My 17 tubs of 'artifacts' is now down to one tub - most it has been tossed in the trash and long forgotten. My 'back room' has been about half emptied and will be cleaned out this year. The only stuff I have left is my Louisiana history teaching items....all my world history stuff is sold, given away, or just tossed out. My American history teaching stuff is all gone now too.

I have tossed most of my video tapes, CDs, and other Louisiana history items - one trash can full a week. I have watched them get dumped each week and it no longer bothers me. I know I can't sub any more and that bothered me last year  but I almost over that this year. I am getting used to the fact that I am now very limited to what I can do and hate to say, I am thinking about death more and more. I always wanted to get to the age my dad did but I am not so sure any more.

About the only thing I enjoy today is getting emails, reading blogs, and coming up with different items for my own stores around the internet. I guess my stores at least keep me THINKING about teaching. Plus, I still have my history teaching website, so that too keeps my brain in gear.

But, I have been spending more time sitting on the front porch just rocking my day away.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I did not steal this

I have had a teacher report to TPT and TL and TN that I stole her idea. I did not steal it. I have been doing this for over two dozen years now and I even have posted some of them on my own Webpage. Maybe I should accuse her of stealing mine but that's not the direction I want to go. After all these years I know there is really nothing new under the sun in the teaching game, only the way you present it.

I saw these in a printed form in some magazine a couple of dozen years ago and it wasn't even social studies but I got the idea that maybe it MIGHT work for my students. I pieced together an idea and it took off from there - some ides worked and some didn't. I generally used them as extra credit before/after an assignment, after test, before the end of class time, before the end of school year, any time I just needed some little trick.

Over the years I came up with more and more of them until now I have a big stash of them ready to make kids happy at the right time of the day, year, month, whenever.
As you can tell I have plenty to choose from. Now you could" say I modified one of her ideas just because I thought she had a good idea and a way to make mine better but I did not steal hers. I have been teaching for 27 yeas, much long than she has been in education so that right there means I could not have stolen it from her. I have even had my own state history teachers website longer than she has been teaching so that also tells the story.
I read blogs, check out web stuff, check Pinterest, read various magazines every day so I never know where so idea will hit me.
Come on, give me a break. Even her own idea was a "freebie". So are mine.