Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Euureka moments

As I look through my emails, I end up with a "eureka" moment of my/our own. It is like I said a couple of days ago, you just NEVER know where the next eureka is going to come from. I don't. I have had them happen as I eating breakfast, during the middle of the night as I sleep, as I am driving from place to place. Most of my eureka moments come out of no where.

Which brought me to the Middle School Mob website. Very, very cool new site.

Here we go again, I just got this message at TPT...Please contact me concerning this document. This is the same one we visited about on teacher lingo only with changes made. Taken from my store.
I'm sorry but not happening. Why would I steal if I don't have too?
Yesterday's TPT sales were the best I have ever had. My 'dashboard' spiked way up, and it is only the 4th of the month. NowI just have to see if my TN site actually begins to work, but I figure it won't.

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