Saturday, October 14, 2017

Things going well.....

Things are going well on the health front and the kitten front. It seems to be almost a daily improvement with the kittens. They are eating well with very little mess, sleeping well, being able to be played with, being gentle with their claws, playing well, all the things kittens should do.

My wife is doing much better now also. The anxiety meds seem to be working well plus the idea that the kittens are leaving us more time. We actually had time after 'luper' yesterday to stop by my sister's house and visit for a while.

They seem to be getting healthier, getting bigger, and not having any health issues. They are using their litter box on a regular basis, drinking water sometimes. and not being 'antsy' with their meals.

They play very well in the mornings between about the time I get up - 6:30ish - to the time I get my wife up - about 8:30ish. They don't make any noise, don't fight, they go to the litter box, and act like normal kittens should.

I fix them a "snack", a mix of watered-down small dry cat food which fills the need to make noise, climb my pants legs, scratch me, just the normal thing they do early in the morning. It also allows me to read the paper eat a little breakfast and let my wife sleep in for a while longer.

I have to keep checking on them from time to time because they get VERY quiet in the kitchen.

I just check them and they are all napping now after their early morning 'snack'.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Kitten high five

It is so strange to see the kittens progress so much and so fast. Now it is NOT at blistering speed but if you see them daily you can see the change from day to day. Yesterday we watched them go from making a huge mess as they ate to eating out of a 'bowl' style dish and being so neat about it. We watched as our dachshund licked them up after each meal to not having 'anything' to do but play with them after each meal.

It has been so much fun to work up them, going from bottle to eating normal kitten food, from messy to just eating from having to clean them up after every meal to the dog cleaning them to them cleaning themselves.

They were wandering around the kitchen this morning in the near dark as I got up around 6. Their kennels have been left open and the doorway to the rest of the house blocked off so they free range of the kitchen area, their litter boxes, their water dish. Generally when you check on them in the late evening they are snoozing away either in their kennels or on top of them. They are not forced to go to their kennels, they just know it is a protect space.

I have not made a sound or checked up on them in the past hour and I know they are all asleepon the other side of the wall. It's 7:30 and I about to take the dog out and get my wife up.

Things started well today then fizzled as the day wore on. End up having to take my wife our local urgent care - nothing MAJOR - but the doctor suggested that she go to the local ER to get checked out and let them run a stress test. We did go but after 9pm and the fact that she came home, fed the kittens, cleaned up, took a shower, packed a get the picture.

After we get to the ER we sat in a very crowded waiting room full of needy people all complaining about the wait. - which, for us did not seem to be long. My wife was pulled to triage for an EKG, then later pulled from waiting room for X-ray then pulled for blood work then pulled for a urine test, all before we were finally taken into ER for another heart monitoring test a visit with doctor. The doctor was super nice and told us lots of good news from all the test and what he thought was going on.

He released her and said she needs to see her own doctor and the problem was to many things going on in her life and not enough "me time". We were released at about 12:05 and got home about 12:30.

This morning was a much better day. We tried a few new tricks for the kittens which worked super in morning a even better at lunch. The trick we tried was feeding them a little watered down dry cat food - Fancy Feast that our older cat loves. I went well and get my wife time fix their wet kitten food.

At lunch we tried it again and it worked perfectly. We also tried having them eat from bowls we bought yesterday on a rubberize baking sheet which also kept them from sliding the bowls across the table which saved a lot of mess.

Round 5 weeks won.......

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kittens Four, er, three...Part Four

The story of the kittens when very well yesterday as we had our granddaughter for the day and she was a very big help. She managed to help get them all to finally eat out of a dish - not a bottle. By their evening meal they were all eating a full meal then playing a long time.

The evening/night went well and we all went to bed at about 9pm. All but me got up around 7:30. I got up at 5 and read the paper, read my emails, etc. The kittens got up at about 7am and my GD and wife got up about 7:45.

The kittens ate really, really well and played all morning then went to sleep around 10.

Today they were crying around 7 but I left them in their kennels until I put out their litter boxes, took my meds, then let them out and each made a bee-line straight to the litter boxes. I slipped out and left them to play, settle down, and I got my shoes on took the dog out.

When I came back in they were quiet, I managed to slip in a fix my own breakfast, re do my meds into my pillbox, and do my last minute choses in the kitchen. Then I slipped out again and now they are quiet as can be.

My wife is now up yet I'm letting her sleep a bit longer - which is a good thing. I'm blogging away and it is still very quiet. I CAN hear patter of tiny feet so I know they are okay, so far.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Kitten's part three

Kitten's part three, or I think this is part three. It could be part six, seven, eight or who knows. Things have been so crazy around here that my wife and I don't even know what day it is or when they started doing....

Even today things are going "different". One, I decided to NOT turn the light on as I got up this morning in the room next to where the kitten's sleep. It's been a good sign so far. I have had an hours worth of eating, reading my emails, reading the paper, and now continuing this blog page and not a peep out of them....

I'm actually ready for them to wake up and get fed because we are scheduled to go lunch with our grand-daughter, then go out to eat ourselves, come home and wake the kittens, then feed them and take them to their vet appointment. Will we get it all done?

Who knows? It's early yet......

Did we make it? Yes we did sort of. Got them up, fed and back to sleep. Then we made it to eat lunch with our GD, our own lunch. back home, woke them up, fed them - sort of - and made it to vet's office just 5 minutes late.

We got back home and they were all passed out sleeping. My wife ran off to LC again to do what she had promised for a fellow orchestra and I ran to Walmart while the kittens are still sleeping.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kitten sitting part two

The time of kitten-sitting has gotten much better and much worse. The better is that they are now eating - semi-eating - semi- soft - food and that is the start towards real eating which would be a good thing.

They are still being bottle fed but we can live with that. Their schedule is getting better by the day. We are getting a little relief during the day - it may not be a lot but it is something.

The worse news is that we lost one kitten the other evening. She just went peacefully into the next life while we were rocking it outside on the porch. It sort of chocked/coughed and passed away right there in my wife's hands. We buried her today.

Today the remaining three have a vet visit this afternoon.