Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wow! Double Wow!

Yesterday's TPT sale when fantastic. Not only did I have the most single day sales that I ever had at TPT, but I gained a long list of new "followers" which helps a lot. And the sale was just two days, but it WAS a site-wide sale.

Now it only means creating more and more cool stuff to post online. I am busy as all get-out just going through all my old items and making them more presentable such as this one...
It is just one of many that I am updating so that I can give it away. This just means I am having more and more stuff on TPT and things like this earn" me nothing except respect and comments like... "This looks great and appreciate you sharing. Your class looks like it would be an amazing place to grow and learn as a student."
But I'm still okay with that.
I even have noticed emails and comments are still flooding in from my sales. I'm am just hoping that TN gets moving today. I mean, TN 'seems' to be more of an elementary type of website and I'm middle school. There are a few middle and high school teachers there but I can't get any responses from theme as to how their sites are doing.
Maybe I'll just have to be happy with my TPT wow and move on.

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