Friday, August 7, 2015

50% of nothing is still nothing

Boy, I can tell you that TN has nothing on TPT because a sale there is doing nothing and I mean NOTHING. 50% of nothing is still nothing. TN is really more about elementary grades I guess, because I have figured out that no self respecting teacher of upper grades is doing anything there.

During the month of July I have sold ONE item making a WHOLE $1.67 sent to my PayPal account. My other two sites are even WORSE if you can believe it. Nothing at all in the last four months. I have run sale after sale after sale trying to drum up so sort of business. I have taken my biggest TPT items and tried selling them for 50% off with no bites.

I think I will stay at TPT and let the other sites just hang out there to see if there are ANY bites later this year. All the while, I will keep posting my "Freebie"s and other stuff at TPT plus see how my regular sales go. My 'dashboard' at TPT looks like Pikes Peak right now but my "Freebie" stuff has been moving well. Here's my latest....

And then I have other new stuff priced to move at TPT and I post those tomorrow.

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