Saturday, August 8, 2015

Still nothing at one and plenty at the other

TN has done nothing. TPT keeps on keeping on. Sales this month have been fantastic. Plus I have just been posting more and more of my "freebies" like....

Now I need to start posting more of my 'non-free' items. But then again, you can see some of them on the left side of this blog.

I just got an email from a teacher who has just been assigned to teach La history this year. She has said that she has been by my website plus TPT and wants to know about my LaGumbos. So I guess I need to get busy and start fixing that for her. and I have over LaGumbos/bellringers.
She has just given me more to work on and even LESS time to get it done.
I currently have over 311 items on TpT website and more to come but I need to post more American history so that I get a broader range of interest. Louisiana history is so limited.

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