Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Final Day of TPT Sale

It may be the final day of the TPT Sale but I do have my next one running tomorrow and Thursday at TeachersNetwork. And it is even better than TPT in that the TN Sale is 50% off but on less stuff. I have over 300 items at TPT but only about two dozen items at TN.

Check it out at least. Just maybe you will find something that you can use.

I went to the DMV yesterday morning to renew my license and have a 'flag' removed from it and then get my care inspected but the line was HORRIBLE and super long waits. After two hours I just gave up and walked out. My number was 89 and they were just on number 62. It was the first of the month I know but still.....

I just left and came back home. I then went back later that afternoon and things were sweet. I was in and out in about 20 minutes, then went to get my car inspected which only took about 5 minutes. While I was out I ran by Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions and got them super fast also. I was back home in under 45 minutes. Sweet!

I then took to dog out, sat on the front porch and simple just rocked the afternoon away till my wife got home. Afterwards we decided to go out to eat but neither of us wanted that much anyway. So after trying a few nosing around a few new places we ended back at one of our 'tried and true. old places - Cracker Barrel and just had a 'light' supper.

From there we came home to watch a 'marathon' of Netflix NCIS. That took us til 11:30.

Yes, we are OLD FOLKS and don't do much special anymore.

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