Monday, August 3, 2015

TPT Sale

Everyone around TPT is promoting the Sale that is going on for back to school even thought it is not time for back to school yet. It's close but it is not yet. I know that it is gonna hit me hard again in a couple of weeks when I realize that I can't get back to my love - teaching.

My medical disability has been hitting me hard for the last couple of summers and just a few days ago it really hit me when my sister visited and commented that she had met a few people who wonder where I was and not out on the softball field. That hurt. I miss my team dearly but I THOUGHT that I had gotten over it the last two summers. But maybe not yet.

Now school will start without me again and I have to feel sad again even though I am trying to get over it by tossing most of my teaching stuff away. I have gotten rid of about half my stuff. My garage has become most empty now. My 17 tubs of 'artifacts' is now down to one tub - most it has been tossed in the trash and long forgotten. My 'back room' has been about half emptied and will be cleaned out this year. The only stuff I have left is my Louisiana history teaching items....all my world history stuff is sold, given away, or just tossed out. My American history teaching stuff is all gone now too.

I have tossed most of my video tapes, CDs, and other Louisiana history items - one trash can full a week. I have watched them get dumped each week and it no longer bothers me. I know I can't sub any more and that bothered me last year  but I almost over that this year. I am getting used to the fact that I am now very limited to what I can do and hate to say, I am thinking about death more and more. I always wanted to get to the age my dad did but I am not so sure any more.

About the only thing I enjoy today is getting emails, reading blogs, and coming up with different items for my own stores around the internet. I guess my stores at least keep me THINKING about teaching. Plus, I still have my history teaching website, so that too keeps my brain in gear.

But, I have been spending more time sitting on the front porch just rocking my day away.

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