Sunday, August 2, 2015

I did not steal this

I have had a teacher report to TPT and TL and TN that I stole her idea. I did not steal it. I have been doing this for over two dozen years now and I even have posted some of them on my own Webpage. Maybe I should accuse her of stealing mine but that's not the direction I want to go. After all these years I know there is really nothing new under the sun in the teaching game, only the way you present it.

I saw these in a printed form in some magazine a couple of dozen years ago and it wasn't even social studies but I got the idea that maybe it MIGHT work for my students. I pieced together an idea and it took off from there - some ides worked and some didn't. I generally used them as extra credit before/after an assignment, after test, before the end of class time, before the end of school year, any time I just needed some little trick.

Over the years I came up with more and more of them until now I have a big stash of them ready to make kids happy at the right time of the day, year, month, whenever.
As you can tell I have plenty to choose from. Now you could" say I modified one of her ideas just because I thought she had a good idea and a way to make mine better but I did not steal hers. I have been teaching for 27 yeas, much long than she has been in education so that right there means I could not have stolen it from her. I have even had my own state history teachers website longer than she has been teaching so that also tells the story.
I read blogs, check out web stuff, check Pinterest, read various magazines every day so I never know where so idea will hit me.
Come on, give me a break. Even her own idea was a "freebie". So are mine.

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