Saturday, September 26, 2015

Got Grass cut in the country and wife is off at A.S.

Got grass cut in the country this morning before it started raining and my wife is off at district Honor Band tryouts today.

We had supper yesterday with my 80+ year old Father-In-Law and his 'girlfriend. We all ate with the 'senior citizen's discount' and we all took to-go boxes home and had enough for lunch & supper today. The meal and the company was very relaxing.

The grass in the country was super high and I cut it on the highest setting our mower would go. I got most of the four acres done before the rains came. I will go back the next pretty day we have so that I can finish.

My wife has worked our district honor band tryouts for years and years. She seems to like all the walking collecting score sheets that she does ours.

Gonna be very quit around here for the next 4.-6 hours. Guess I'll work on something for TPT and my website.

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