Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday it is...

Monday, Monday, MONDAY...

Over the weekend I got myself involved in a 'secret shopper' deal that could be a scam or it could not. I have read and read all the items that come up on a Google search. I have read all the 'be aware' items and I have email the agent a BUNCH of times over the weekend and she still tells me to deposit the check and wait for it to clear THEN proceed with the assignment.

Now if they are looking to SCAM me there not much to SCAM because a very poor subject to deal with and I am nosey as all get out. as a handicapped individual I am still waiting on my SSD check with at best is still 5 months to 2 years away. I don't get much from my retirement and I don't make a killing at TPT even thou it is better than it used to be.

I am waiting on an email back about this companies website so I can read more and analyze more before I move forward. If they knew I was going to pick them apart and over check them as much as I have, they would not have chosen me, that's for dang sure.

But as I research more and more, this company seems to be more and more legit. May it is but I still worry until I know for sure.

We kept my g-daughter over night last night then took her to school this morning. Her dad with pick her up after school and take her to school in the AM.

Working at my laptop and reading the websites of MSers and reading emails back and forth with my MS 'guide' has become very interesting. She has been very nice and forceful all at the same time. I don't know weather to believe her or fear her. Guess the time will come. She tells me that when I do my first assignment as per this first letter, I will get the web address, my next assignment and will be very happy to be part of their group.

We'll see.

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