Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just looking for something to do...

Just looking for something to do/create/make/revise/change anything. So what did I come up with? Nothing ready. Just an information organizer for my own state. It is nothing fancy and it will never make me any money but 'hey, you got to start somewhere.'
I have also been searching for all the right parts for a Jeopardy PPt game about our parishes. I did find all the parts, sound effects, words, and graphics. Now I just have to putting it all together.
I have been along most of the day. My wife took off for our g-child's mass, then lunch, then she came back for a while before she had to go pick her up after school. Then she took off for her A.C.T.S. meeting for this week.
Me I just took care of the dog, babysat my g-daughter til her own mom got off from work. Other that that it has been a long quiet day.

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