Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday - Rain, TPT Sale, new items

Where do I start? Well lts start with the rain because it stops me from doing anything else this morning....
And I mean a lot of rain coming in from the Gulf. It could be raining for a while it seems. We have been needing it but it has stopped me from cutting grass here at home and out in the country.
Next item up is the huge TPT Sale going on for One Day.
My sales this month have been fantastic, better then ever before, but I am not complaining. I hope that by the end of today it will be even better. I currently have 322 items for sale. Now many of them aren't selling but even a lot of them have started to move.
Such as these new items. They are not a lot but they are a few items that I have used over the years.
These are but just a little sample of what I have done over time.
The rain has slacked off, which means I need to take the dog out, but it may just be on the back porch this morning. It is still raining but the thunder and lightening has stopped.

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