Tuesday, August 18, 2015


The day before another BIG TPT one day Sale. Sure, I am taking part in this sale but I do not think it will be a big deal. 20% off everything in my store, and I am already making more this month than I have any month before.

Again I have another item for sale....
It covers the entire book with events,people, places, explorers....
I currently have over 235 items for sale or freebies.
My plans today are to go to the country and make an attempt to cut some grass. I have not been out there in a month and I know the grass is over grown. I also PLAN to pick some pears, muscadine grapes, and anything else that is ripe. I have plenty of muscadines growing here so I know they have to be ready today.
- - - - - -
But it was POURING RAIN out there. Could not even get out of my car. The grapes were all hidden by their   leaves, the pears seemed to be ok but you really could not get out of the car it was raining so hard.
- - - - - -
Then, when I get back I can begin work on other new items for TPT. Maybe I will come up with a new 'best seller'.

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