Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday, but I didn't take Sunday off

Sunday became just another day. Yes I came up with a couple more items for my TPT web store...
One was for Free and the other was for pay. My freebie was just something I have used forever. A simple way to get my students to tell something about what we just covered. It might be just for Louisiana explorers, early historical figures, governors, summaries of battles, inventions, parishes, places, festivals, music, home remedies, foods, graphic novels, etc. 
My 'poof' booklet is only 7-8 pages long and not a lot of writing can go into it. My students can't do a lot of artwork either. It is just a brief, short summary of what they have learned, and they are quick to grade also. I just need a lot of rubber bands or bull dog clips.
My other item is GOING to be a paid item. problem is that it was just taking to long to proof read it and make the final changes so I had to delay it a while.
Sunday became a real Sunday plus my g-daughter came by and that threw me off schedule.

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