Friday, August 14, 2015


Wow. PLEASE don't get me wrong. First I love my grand-daughter and the last three days have been so much nicer than ever before. But I am glad to see her go home - even if it is only for a very few hours before she goes to her dad's. Saturday she goes to her other grandparents for a day then back home before she heads to school on Monday.

But she will be back Tuesday and Wednesday as her mom has to work the late shift. It just means that we again see more of her than her own parents do.

I have not posted here in the last couple of days do to spending time with her. Normally she wants nothing to do with me but over the last few days I have seen a slo-o-o-o-w change. I have gotten uncalled for hugs, playing, watching a little TV together, just simple things but a good start. Right as school starts.

I did get to post one item on TPT but I am working on several others. I have been working on my webpage also and that keeps me very busy. I have not had time to do any family research on but I will get back to that in the future - I hope.

My morning routine sucks but it has to be done EVERYDAY...
  • 1. Go to bathroom
  • 2. Put on my socks, knee-brace, and shoes
  • 3. Open the living room shutters
  • 4. Open the dog's kennel
  • 5. Take the dog out to do his business
  • 6. bring him in, get his treat
  • 7. Feed the cats their treats
  • 8. Feed the dog and cats
  • 9. Fill their water bowl
  • 10. Let cats out on back porch
  • 11. Take my BP and BS
  • 12. Post them both on my excel sheet
  • 13. Take my meds based on the BP/BS numbers
  • 14. Go back to bathroom
    • on Friday, collect all the trash
    • take trash out
    • haul trashcan to side of road
  • 15. Now check my emails
  • 16. Read the online newspaper
  • 17. Start the day either by posting here. checking my webpage, writing people back, checking TPT, TN, TW, or/and TL.
  • 18. Finally eat breakfast IF wanted (dry cereal mostly)
I hate doing all of this EVERY DAY. But I have to and on days when my g-daughter spends the night, I have to do it BEFORE she gets up. Otherwise she wants to let the/her dog out of the kennel and then he ends up pooping on the carpet or kitchen floor and then my wife gets MAD. I would rather take him out BEFORE she gets up.

That's my Friday. You want them?

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