Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Just did what normally do with all the pets as I got up. Plus I had to take my BP/BS readings, then I got to answer several emails from former colleagues. I did get up REALLY EARLY- 6AM which is early now that I am retired. I'm not sure I could do the 5AM thing anymore.

I also had problems here at home with my mower yesterday. I had just got out to cut the grass and made one cut around the edges  when all of a sudden the belt snapped on my riding mower. Now I'm out of commission here at home.
Plus I have done several others. So you can see I was busy but they are all FREE so I won't make a killing on any of them.

But at least I will have several offerings.
Also according to the weather guy last night, things look pretty good today so I am planning to go back to the country and cut grass out there - which now, really needs it. We even have a "cool" front that came through last night. Of course a "cool front" means much 'dryer' weather not 'cool air' in July down here.
When I get back I will try to add some more items to my TPT site see what happens. Y'all have a good day, I HOPE to.

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