Monday, August 24, 2015

Another Week...

Here we go again. I tried to cut grass yesterday but just  I was starting to mow it began to rain and rain hard. It had not rained all day but we went to church, had lunch with my g-daughter. Then she and my wife took off for the dog training session at Pepco. At that point I planned to cut the yard but no, it began to rain.

Today they are calling for an 80% chance of rain but nothing yet.

Therefore, I spent the afternoon working on lesson ideas. Here is another TPT idea that may or may not sale but I am just offering it...
You never know. You just have to put things out there and see what the public wants.
My wife and I did get all the cats claws clipped this morning.
I am going to go out and try to cut the grass since there is nothing but blue skies right now.

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