Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday morning

I did get to cut grass in the country yesterday. It was so cool to be able to ride my x-mark zero turn mower and most of the four acres done. I would have liked to get it all done but rain clouds threatened late in the afternoon. But I did get about 3/4 done. I love getting to go out there and just enjoy my time alone.

I came home, took a shower and worked on TPT items but did not finish any of them yet. I have that to work on later today if I get that far. I have to try to get some of my own yard done - with a push mower since my riding mower is out of commission for now. It is gonna be tuff knowing that I am 'handicapped' and pushing a mower is going to be very tuff. But I will try.

My wife ran off to her District Band/Orchestra Directors Meeting late last night. My nephew came over last night to look at my mower and told me that if I could get the belt he would come by to replace it. Sweet young man.

Thanks Chad.

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