Friday, August 28, 2015

Network maddness

Wednesday, about noon my network crashed and took me off line. I did all the troubleshooting that I could, ran all the checks I knew. My moden still had all green lights, I had not surfed places that would have caused hicking, the wires had not been changed. Just my service was down. First thing I thought at that time was "Did I pay the bill?". Of course I could not check my bank balance because I had no net. So I just turned my laptop off and went about the day bored out of my mind.

Thursday came and went. No network connection. Bored again. I did not sleep well Thursday night and got up about 3:30 AM. came to my coputer desk to just work on a project, get my mind 'tired' so I could go back to sleep. Just for kicks I tried the network again - And it came on. Just like it always has.


So here I am, now at 6:30 reading emails, my online paper, finishing my blog etc.

Yesterday Wednesday, I tried several things, such as trying to use my push mower to cut the front yard but it took over an hour to make two laps around the yard. The grass was too tall and the push mower did not cut thru it very well. I'm handicapped.

But, I did finally get through with the front yard and it looks good. Now I need to go to Lowe's to get a belt for my riding mower.

Then my AT&T email got locked up and I have been trying to work with them to clear it but I am still just trying to speak to someone up SPEAKS ENGLISH! I can not understand some who speaks in a very broken Indian accent. 

If you work in the USA for someone who deals with voices on the phone you NEED to speak middle of America.

After 3 1/2 hours I finally got someone who walked me thru all the mess that AT&T put me through and go my account fixed. Got a new password which is fairly easy to remember, answer several security questions and got into my emails. Thank you Brad, Jeanne, Phil, Robin, Mark, Kenneth and Robin. And Rob walked me thru all of it.

I just checked my TPT account and my sales spiked thru the roof yesterday. I mean way thru the roof, more than I have ever seen in my years at TPT. Wow, all mighty.

Thursday I went to the SS office to file for my SS check and some disability resources. Every little bit helps. That night I went by my sister's to just visit since my wife has an ACTS church meeting til about 8 o'clock.

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