Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday. Monday

It maybe be Monday but still seems like Sunday....

My DAY began very early with not being able to sleep. I got up at about 2 and sat working at my laptop for about an hour or more. At that point I went back to bed and slept til 8. It felt good.

I took the dog out after having to feed the cats, take my BP/BS measurement/readings. The dog and I then sat out on the porch for a while before I came back in to read my emails and begin my search of things to do for my TPT webstore.

Below is the item that I have been working on today. I have plans to do a set for every chapter of the most common textbooks of the state.
I also notes for several other items as I get to them. Matter of fact, my iPhone notes is getting full of just note ideas.
My wife took her car to be serviced at the Toyota place this morning, then went by school to help the teacher that took her place. She has Youth Orchestra startup this afternoon.
While she is gone I have towels to fold and put away, TPT items to work on, and various other items to get done on this the last day of the month.

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