Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New week

Boy, I opened my emails this morning and that I had sold 43 items on TPT. Good Lord !?!

I know it is Back to School time but Wow. VI was going to post something different but this leaves me in a quandary. What to post? One, my TPT sales are already more this month than any other month in the last six years. I have gotten more comments than ever before.

Now, back to the blog. The dog an I have been outside and it is HOT. To hot to even rock on the porch. We tried it for a bit but we did not stay long. We came in and went straight to his bed and has been sleeping for the last hour. The heat index is high but I still hoping for some RAIN later this week. we need some because the grass is now crunchy under our feet when we go out. The only watering it gets is when the dog does his business.

Late Monday afternoon we did get some rain. About 10 minutes worth. But it was nice just to get some rain.

I need to get back to work creating new items for my TPT site....and not stuff I have stolen or kind-of ripped off. Stuff that is new, and fresh. Stuff that someone else can steal from me. Because I'm now getting emails from "new" Louisiana history teachers.

I must be considered the 'veteran' now.

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