Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday it is

Tuesday, and the check finally clear my bank at about 5:15PM and I will have access to the money tomorrow. Cool, then I can sent the money on it's way so that I can get out from under this MS program that I got myself into. It seems to pay well but I'm still afraid of it and I still believe it is all a SCAM.

You never know until you know...and I don't know, not yet.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday it is...

Monday, Monday, MONDAY...

Over the weekend I got myself involved in a 'secret shopper' deal that could be a scam or it could not. I have read and read all the items that come up on a Google search. I have read all the 'be aware' items and I have email the agent a BUNCH of times over the weekend and she still tells me to deposit the check and wait for it to clear THEN proceed with the assignment.

Now if they are looking to SCAM me there not much to SCAM because a very poor subject to deal with and I am nosey as all get out. as a handicapped individual I am still waiting on my SSD check with at best is still 5 months to 2 years away. I don't get much from my retirement and I don't make a killing at TPT even thou it is better than it used to be.

I am waiting on an email back about this companies website so I can read more and analyze more before I move forward. If they knew I was going to pick them apart and over check them as much as I have, they would not have chosen me, that's for dang sure.

But as I research more and more, this company seems to be more and more legit. May it is but I still worry until I know for sure.

We kept my g-daughter over night last night then took her to school this morning. Her dad with pick her up after school and take her to school in the AM.

Working at my laptop and reading the websites of MSers and reading emails back and forth with my MS 'guide' has become very interesting. She has been very nice and forceful all at the same time. I don't know weather to believe her or fear her. Guess the time will come. She tells me that when I do my first assignment as per this first letter, I will get the web address, my next assignment and will be very happy to be part of their group.

We'll see.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Got Grass cut in the country and wife is off at A.S.

Got grass cut in the country this morning before it started raining and my wife is off at district Honor Band tryouts today.

We had supper yesterday with my 80+ year old Father-In-Law and his 'girlfriend. We all ate with the 'senior citizen's discount' and we all took to-go boxes home and had enough for lunch & supper today. The meal and the company was very relaxing.

The grass in the country was super high and I cut it on the highest setting our mower would go. I got most of the four acres done before the rains came. I will go back the next pretty day we have so that I can finish.

My wife has worked our district honor band tryouts for years and years. She seems to like all the walking collecting score sheets that she does ours.

Gonna be very quit around here for the next 4.-6 hours. Guess I'll work on something for TPT and my website.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just looking for something to do...

Just looking for something to do/create/make/revise/change anything. So what did I come up with? Nothing ready. Just an information organizer for my own state. It is nothing fancy and it will never make me any money but 'hey, you got to start somewhere.'
I have also been searching for all the right parts for a Jeopardy PPt game about our parishes. I did find all the parts, sound effects, words, and graphics. Now I just have to putting it all together.
I have been along most of the day. My wife took off for our g-child's mass, then lunch, then she came back for a while before she had to go pick her up after school. Then she took off for her A.C.T.S. meeting for this week.
Me I just took care of the dog, babysat my g-daughter til her own mom got off from work. Other that that it has been a long quiet day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It is amazing but...

It is amazing but... The but comes from the fact that over the past 12 or so months I have gotten NO comments about anything. Nothing on funerals, project, Dr. visits, student teachers, nothing. It is not that I really car, but it is the fact that I wish I had the commenters that I used to have when I was at Xanga. Those people were there everyday and they kept me on my toes. Today it is all about - 'no one'. I have become a voice in the dead internet space.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Doctor visit, yard cutting, & Anniversary of hurricane

It's all coming together for a very busy day her in SW Louisiana. I started my day very early due to the fact that I have a doctor's appointed this morning. Was voice mailed the notice yesterday as a reminder. I'm not sure what it is ford other than I think it's about my 'drop foot' and just to check on me. It's also just another way for them to get more money out of me.

I'll let you know when I get back. from my visit.
(Dr. visit was a 3-month diabetics checkup. Everything scored VERY WELL plus the Dr. loved my new brace and all the paperwork on it that I brought to her.)

I still have yard work to do here. (Cut the rest of our side yard and the backyard. All done except the weed-eating.)

Now I'm just going to eat lunch, sat and cool off till about 4, then go get gas for my car and heal 20+ miles to the country to cut grass out there. (Got back from cutting in the country. Got 2 acres done before it got to late to see and I got tired and hot. Came home to shower and think about supper.)

Just an note to the fact that 10 years ago we were forced out of our home a escaped to the Dallas/Fort Worth as hurricane Rita hit our area. We did not have MAJOR damage, just lots of trees down and had our garage was collapsed under one of them.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday, back from Florida funeral, got new anckle brace...

We a currently back from our quick trip to Florida and my aunt's funeral service. We had a great time if you can believe it meeting with cousins I have not seen in years, having a great meal. The only downside of this trip was the lo-o-o-o-ong drive to get there.

We did stay overnight a couple of nights but it was because of the drive. It took one full day to get there then one full to get back which I have said,"ain't the way to travel".

We got over there way after dark the first night, had the service the next day, then had a great meal and visited with family and friends, then got up the next day and drove back, getting in after dark again. A long three day trip but all-in-all worth it I guess.

Got back home to find out I did get my new ankle brace and it seems to be working great. Basically it's an in front "L" brace instead of my old heavy back of leg/heal boot. This new one is from X-Strap and I wonder WHY no one told me about this years ago. I have been stuck with this heavy boot brace for over three years, I always hated it. It has slowed me down, It caused my gait to be abnormal. It has caused me to not want to do anything, caused me to slowly gain weight, caused me to become more 'antisocial', caused my anger to flair up, etc.

Now the new one  days. But for now it seems to be working and it is MUCH lighter - MUCH lighter. It has given me hope, at least for now. I'll let you now better in a couple of days.

I can suddenly wear my old 'normal' shoes instead of my current larger shows. My normal is a 12 but the one for the old in-shoe brace had to be a 14 which may not sound like much but it is/was. Plus I had to remove the insole before I could even wear it whit the old brace. Not so with the new one.
It is still dark:30 outside but when it get daylight I gonna head out to walk the dog with my new brace then I can tell you more.
- - - - - -
Just walked the dog and it 'seemed' much nicer and easier to walk but on the other hand I was a little more shaky or unstable but I think that comes from just not being sure this will work - but it did. I even came up the steps - straight up - with no side-step or sling-step. Which was amazing. The brace is so much lighter. I got to go try Wal-Mart now. :-) 
= = = = = =
Been wearing this new brace all day and it seems to fit well and wear well. It has made me happy.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Newest ST

My newest 'student teacher' is great. She and I have a wonderful email relationship and email almost everyday. I look helping someone out with all my 'tricks'. It makes me feel useful again.

I recently put together my Top Ten favorite story telling lessons in Louisiana history. But I also realized that I have a lot more than just ten great stories to tell my students. Plus I have a lot more projects to do with them.

The year is so full of different and exciting things to experience. I always wonder just how we are going to cover 300+ years of history, culture, music, food, festivals, etc. in just 9 very interrupted months.

But then again you have to start SOMEWHERE and you have to pick, chose, and eliminate some things just because they don't fit into your agenda for that year. I have know teachers who just teach about all Louisiana's governors, teachers only teach about this and that during the year, and I know the students don't enjoy themselves.

I know that in my case students may not enjoy one topic but they will like the next because we do so many different and varied items during the year. We tend to do everything from stories, to maps, to quilts, to music, to games, to written assignments, to math assignments, to group assignments, to individual assignments, to in-class, to out of class assignments. We do it all during a fast and very interesting school year.

Everyday, I start by sifting through tons of emails looking for that one or two that might make my brain 'click' with an idea I can use or create that may help someone else teach a lesson or get an idea across.

Got to get out this morning to mail some 'snail mail' if I want those items to ever get done. I also need to go by Wal-Mart to get that task completed. I have been putting off both of these items from days. I also need to cut grass this morning IF I can get to it.

My wife took off to go to school mass with my grand daughter, then to drop off a couple of items at her former school, then come back for lunch with g-daughter, then home to try to get items together for tomorrows trip, then go to the A.C.T.S. meeting tonight. A very buy day for her.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

'New student teachers'

As a former teacher, I still love - and have LOVED - working with student teachers. I have recently gotten another one, a first year Louisiana history teacher from North Louisiana. She began by using my map project, which turned out well - not perfect - but very well. Now she needs help with some of the early explorers. I have sent her some of my favorite stories and she is fixing to send me the items that she is looking for.

I don't mind because it keeps me busy and working to towards my goal - of helping the NEW teachers.

Yesterday I uploaded my new 'story' about the arrival of some Acadians. It's not all true but it always got the story across to my students. This assignment has to rank up there in my 'top ten' teachable moments.
It. always was one of my favs and became one of my students favs.
I also sent her a copy of Bienville's Bluff or the story of the 'English Turn'.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It still cool outside, but not for long

We got up early this morning, showered, got dressed and headed off to a chamber breakfast for the area's tourist commission. It is head quarterly to promote all the things going on in our part of the state. Today it was and update on the coming National Hurricane museum down near the lake front

,  the Great Awakening of the Acadians festival

, the Air Show

. Plus they feed us, we got to mingle with mayors, various dignitaries, senators, and just have fun for a couple of hours, see slideshows for events and get input from various other smaller groups -  all done before these people had to go back to work.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Cool outside, no; COLD ouside, not cold but very cool outside

It was and is 64 degrees outside this morning as I take the dog out. It is very comfortable. Two of my cats made beelines outside just to enjoy the morning. The dog did not really WANT to come in either. I is/was a pretty day outdoors.

I've spent my morning reading emails, surfing various blogs, and reading the paper, PLUS sitting on the porch for a while.

My wife and I ran to Lowe's then to WalMart before she had orchestra classes this afternoon then community band tonight.

We celebrated a strange 'birthday' of a painting I did years ago. A painting on the wall of my daughter's bedroom when she was only a year and a half old.
It has been on that wall for 40 years now. It has been the "wallpaper" throught her. my son, grandson #1, grandson #2. and my granddaughter. We told my g-daughter that by the time she gets out of high school it will be 50 years old. One last note, never, and I mean NEVER paint on the wall because no one wants to be the one who paints over it and the longer it stays there, the harder it gets to get rid of it.
My 65 year old cousin called this morning to tell me his mother just died today. She was the last sibling of my father's generation. Now they are all gone leaving us as the oldest generation now.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Labor Day Week in is no longer

The week has come and gone. We have done everything thing we can do on a fixed income that we can do. It has rained so much. Our yard yesterday was so deep, the flood waters got higher than ever before. We even watched a trash container float down the street, then a set out box springs set washed down the street, then the trash can next door fell over and trash started washing down the street. It rained that hard and that much. It made everything a mess.

It rained so much that we could not go to school to pick up my g-daughter. We could not even get out on our own street for more than two hours after it stopped raining.

Friday was supposed to be more of the same, but it did not happen. I did not get anything ready for TPT or TN. Even Friday was a lazy, wasted day.

On Saturday I did get one item done for TPT. It's another FREEBIE but it is something anyway...

otherwise is was cool, clear, and a do nothing day outside.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day, it's NOT

It may have been Labor Day but I was sitting around not laboring at all. I had things I wanted to do but I have been sitting around for hours while my wife just watched her app for the plane my son and girlfriend are on while traveling to Cancun. It's a dumb app, just watching a tiny little plane icon fly from Houston to Dallas then sit for a while til they take off from Dallas to Cancun.

I have wanted to go eat lunch but she got up so late that she ate breakfast at about10AM when I ate at 7:30AM. I guess I will just wait until about 6-7 for LUNCH.

We finally went to 'lunch' about 5:30 at a new Chinese place that just opened next to my son's restaurant. It was packed but it also had a VERY different cliental then CiCi's has - a MUCH lighter cliental. The cost was a MUCH higher cost of about $2-4 per person. It was not much but you can tell that the 'price' is everything to.....well you know.

Today my plans are to go out to he country if my wife ever gets up. It is now about 9AM and she has not moved. I have-
  • 1. weighted
  • 2. Taken my BP/BS readings
  • 3. Taken my meds
  • 4. Read the paper
  • 5. Read my emails
  • 6. Fed the cats
  • 7. Taken the dog out
  • 8. Fed the dog 
  • 9. Now typing on this blog
It's 10 after 9. She just got up. Yeah, I can go to the country now.

Bye y'all.

- - - - - - 
Got out to the country and the key to my mower is missing. It's not where it always is.
I put it next to the microwave in the old house and took a photo so I could send it to my wife to prove that I left it. But when I got back out there it was gone. The grass was not cut so I know it was not her father, it' was not our daughter because you have to do seven different things before it will even start - the grass was not cut. Where is it?
I used an 1/8th tank of gas to get out there. I did gas up the mower, added so engine oil, so it is ready if and when I go back.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday, a new week

I hope this week goes by a little slower. I have my SS paperwork to mail in. I have an SS disability phone call next month. NEXT MONTH? Why does it take a month and a half for SS to actually make a PHONE CALL? It is not that big a deal. I know there are others to call but still - A MONTH. I know government does not work well and I know I am just one person.

Bur -----. it should not take a month. When I do get the call, it will take more than month, maybe six months before I get my first check. By then I may be dead. Maybe that's what SS is waiting on. That way they don't have to pay out anything.

I am also waiting on my payment from TPT to my PayPal account, THEN. I have to wait on PayPal to send my money to my bank THEN I can actually spend some of it - that will be the first of NEXT  month again.

Last night I sat and waited for my college to play LSU. they got started on time, it was on TV, and all was good. Then, they had a lightening delay. No big deal. As an umpire I know about them. Then it dragged on and on and on and on. Rain then came and more lightening delays and on and on and on.

Four and a half hours later they just cancelled the game. No reschedule, no make up, just cancelled. It was now almost midnight at which time the NCAA rules won't let them start a game.

This morning I read in the paper that they did get their $500,000 payout for 'playing' the game anyway - or attempting to play.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Week goes fast

It is Thursday already and it all seems to be flying by so quickly. It was just Monday yesterday, I have been working on doing yard work, watching it rain, creating items for TPT, checking my mail, etc. but time is going to fast for me,

Lets see. I did get the whole yard cut, did not get to the country, its been threatening to rain each day so making that long drive out there seems to be a waste, I just got paid to that helps and hurts, and waiting on my TPT check.

Just got an email proclaiming...
It is only because we go to WH about once a week. I guess we are getting OLD and it is CHEAP. Most of our meals are under $15 for two of us.

WH is now advertising their new limited Apple Crumble Waffle....

I have been toying with my TPT account and my additional items such as...

And then there are more items I am currently working on.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Payday #1, then payday #2, then payday #3 sometime

It's early Tuesday and I have lots to do today - AFTER I do all the 'first things I HAVE to' such as walk the dog, feed the cats, take my BP/BS, take my meds, and so on and so forth. THEN, I can do the things I want to do since it's payday. I have to go to Wal-Mart, cut grass, go to the country, etc, etc, etc. Then, I can do the things I REALLY want to do like make more stuff for TPT and TN.

This is just one of many chapters I have to cover....
This number three of a lot to do before I get finished.
I am current starting to work on #4 of these sets.
I did a little 'grocery' shopping yesterday, not much but got a few things. My current paycheck won't allow much but there are better days ahead I hope. Once my SS checks start, my disability checks start, and my Athene checks start, I just might be able to make it through each month along with my TPT checks.
Just checked my TPT account for this new month and, wow, what a lot of sales in one day! Maybe this might be another good month!?!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

TPT is more and more

I guess I can't make real field trips any more so I just let students create them by way of brief six slide Virtual Parish PPt Field Trips to almost any parish in the state.

My students can produce the PPt at home, load it on a jump drive or a floppy disk a turn in in to me to grade as they get it done. An easy assignment.

But then I have always had my students doing some weird stuff but yet 'not knowing they are learning' while they ARE learning.

Yesterday was the end of the month and my TPT dashboard was why over what I had expected. It still is not FANTASTIC but it makes me happy and make me keep coming up with items everyday.

Put up my second set of Task Cards.
But this just two of 16 sets. Plus I'm going to do a Scavenger Hunt set of cards for the end of the year.
I did get my riding mower fixed this evening and it works fine but now I need to cut grass before it rains. And I need to go to the country and cut it also.