Thursday, September 3, 2015

Week goes fast

It is Thursday already and it all seems to be flying by so quickly. It was just Monday yesterday, I have been working on doing yard work, watching it rain, creating items for TPT, checking my mail, etc. but time is going to fast for me,

Lets see. I did get the whole yard cut, did not get to the country, its been threatening to rain each day so making that long drive out there seems to be a waste, I just got paid to that helps and hurts, and waiting on my TPT check.

Just got an email proclaiming...
It is only because we go to WH about once a week. I guess we are getting OLD and it is CHEAP. Most of our meals are under $15 for two of us.

WH is now advertising their new limited Apple Crumble Waffle....

I have been toying with my TPT account and my additional items such as...

And then there are more items I am currently working on.

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