Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday, a new week

I hope this week goes by a little slower. I have my SS paperwork to mail in. I have an SS disability phone call next month. NEXT MONTH? Why does it take a month and a half for SS to actually make a PHONE CALL? It is not that big a deal. I know there are others to call but still - A MONTH. I know government does not work well and I know I am just one person.

Bur -----. it should not take a month. When I do get the call, it will take more than month, maybe six months before I get my first check. By then I may be dead. Maybe that's what SS is waiting on. That way they don't have to pay out anything.

I am also waiting on my payment from TPT to my PayPal account, THEN. I have to wait on PayPal to send my money to my bank THEN I can actually spend some of it - that will be the first of NEXT  month again.

Last night I sat and waited for my college to play LSU. they got started on time, it was on TV, and all was good. Then, they had a lightening delay. No big deal. As an umpire I know about them. Then it dragged on and on and on and on. Rain then came and more lightening delays and on and on and on.

Four and a half hours later they just cancelled the game. No reschedule, no make up, just cancelled. It was now almost midnight at which time the NCAA rules won't let them start a game.

This morning I read in the paper that they did get their $500,000 payout for 'playing' the game anyway - or attempting to play.

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