Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day, it's NOT

It may have been Labor Day but I was sitting around not laboring at all. I had things I wanted to do but I have been sitting around for hours while my wife just watched her app for the plane my son and girlfriend are on while traveling to Cancun. It's a dumb app, just watching a tiny little plane icon fly from Houston to Dallas then sit for a while til they take off from Dallas to Cancun.

I have wanted to go eat lunch but she got up so late that she ate breakfast at about10AM when I ate at 7:30AM. I guess I will just wait until about 6-7 for LUNCH.

We finally went to 'lunch' about 5:30 at a new Chinese place that just opened next to my son's restaurant. It was packed but it also had a VERY different cliental then CiCi's has - a MUCH lighter cliental. The cost was a MUCH higher cost of about $2-4 per person. It was not much but you can tell that the 'price' is everything to.....well you know.

Today my plans are to go out to he country if my wife ever gets up. It is now about 9AM and she has not moved. I have-
  • 1. weighted
  • 2. Taken my BP/BS readings
  • 3. Taken my meds
  • 4. Read the paper
  • 5. Read my emails
  • 6. Fed the cats
  • 7. Taken the dog out
  • 8. Fed the dog 
  • 9. Now typing on this blog
It's 10 after 9. She just got up. Yeah, I can go to the country now.

Bye y'all.

- - - - - - 
Got out to the country and the key to my mower is missing. It's not where it always is.
I put it next to the microwave in the old house and took a photo so I could send it to my wife to prove that I left it. But when I got back out there it was gone. The grass was not cut so I know it was not her father, it' was not our daughter because you have to do seven different things before it will even start - the grass was not cut. Where is it?
I used an 1/8th tank of gas to get out there. I did gas up the mower, added so engine oil, so it is ready if and when I go back.

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