Wednesday, September 16, 2015

'New student teachers'

As a former teacher, I still love - and have LOVED - working with student teachers. I have recently gotten another one, a first year Louisiana history teacher from North Louisiana. She began by using my map project, which turned out well - not perfect - but very well. Now she needs help with some of the early explorers. I have sent her some of my favorite stories and she is fixing to send me the items that she is looking for.

I don't mind because it keeps me busy and working to towards my goal - of helping the NEW teachers.

Yesterday I uploaded my new 'story' about the arrival of some Acadians. It's not all true but it always got the story across to my students. This assignment has to rank up there in my 'top ten' teachable moments.
It. always was one of my favs and became one of my students favs.
I also sent her a copy of Bienville's Bluff or the story of the 'English Turn'.

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