Thursday, September 17, 2015

Newest ST

My newest 'student teacher' is great. She and I have a wonderful email relationship and email almost everyday. I look helping someone out with all my 'tricks'. It makes me feel useful again.

I recently put together my Top Ten favorite story telling lessons in Louisiana history. But I also realized that I have a lot more than just ten great stories to tell my students. Plus I have a lot more projects to do with them.

The year is so full of different and exciting things to experience. I always wonder just how we are going to cover 300+ years of history, culture, music, food, festivals, etc. in just 9 very interrupted months.

But then again you have to start SOMEWHERE and you have to pick, chose, and eliminate some things just because they don't fit into your agenda for that year. I have know teachers who just teach about all Louisiana's governors, teachers only teach about this and that during the year, and I know the students don't enjoy themselves.

I know that in my case students may not enjoy one topic but they will like the next because we do so many different and varied items during the year. We tend to do everything from stories, to maps, to quilts, to music, to games, to written assignments, to math assignments, to group assignments, to individual assignments, to in-class, to out of class assignments. We do it all during a fast and very interesting school year.

Everyday, I start by sifting through tons of emails looking for that one or two that might make my brain 'click' with an idea I can use or create that may help someone else teach a lesson or get an idea across.

Got to get out this morning to mail some 'snail mail' if I want those items to ever get done. I also need to go by Wal-Mart to get that task completed. I have been putting off both of these items from days. I also need to cut grass this morning IF I can get to it.

My wife took off to go to school mass with my grand daughter, then to drop off a couple of items at her former school, then come back for lunch with g-daughter, then home to try to get items together for tomorrows trip, then go to the A.C.T.S. meeting tonight. A very buy day for her.

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