Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday, back from Florida funeral, got new anckle brace...

We a currently back from our quick trip to Florida and my aunt's funeral service. We had a great time if you can believe it meeting with cousins I have not seen in years, having a great meal. The only downside of this trip was the lo-o-o-o-ong drive to get there.

We did stay overnight a couple of nights but it was because of the drive. It took one full day to get there then one full to get back which I have said,"ain't the way to travel".

We got over there way after dark the first night, had the service the next day, then had a great meal and visited with family and friends, then got up the next day and drove back, getting in after dark again. A long three day trip but all-in-all worth it I guess.

Got back home to find out I did get my new ankle brace and it seems to be working great. Basically it's an in front "L" brace instead of my old heavy back of leg/heal boot. This new one is from X-Strap and I wonder WHY no one told me about this years ago. I have been stuck with this heavy boot brace for over three years, I always hated it. It has slowed me down, It caused my gait to be abnormal. It has caused me to not want to do anything, caused me to slowly gain weight, caused me to become more 'antisocial', caused my anger to flair up, etc.

Now the new one  days. But for now it seems to be working and it is MUCH lighter - MUCH lighter. It has given me hope, at least for now. I'll let you now better in a couple of days.

I can suddenly wear my old 'normal' shoes instead of my current larger shows. My normal is a 12 but the one for the old in-shoe brace had to be a 14 which may not sound like much but it is/was. Plus I had to remove the insole before I could even wear it whit the old brace. Not so with the new one.
It is still dark:30 outside but when it get daylight I gonna head out to walk the dog with my new brace then I can tell you more.
- - - - - -
Just walked the dog and it 'seemed' much nicer and easier to walk but on the other hand I was a little more shaky or unstable but I think that comes from just not being sure this will work - but it did. I even came up the steps - straight up - with no side-step or sling-step. Which was amazing. The brace is so much lighter. I got to go try Wal-Mart now. :-) 
= = = = = =
Been wearing this new brace all day and it seems to fit well and wear well. It has made me happy.

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