Sunday, November 26, 2017

Names, names, names....

My wife is still coming up with various names for our gray tabby. Even my grand-daughter is in on the search, She has even gone through a website of names but nothing stricks their fancy. Names we have tried, talked about have include Lil' Bit, Snuggles, Spice, Lil' One, Gray, Mittens, Tabby. and yesterday Kitty.

My ideas don't count so I try to stay out of it but my wife says we should just try the names on her each for a day or two and see how it fits. So far "Kitty" seems to fit better than any of the others. Lil' One is out of the running since it was the name of my wife's former kitten that was run over last year. Spice was my idea but it was shot down quickly.

Little Bitty Kittie has seemed to fit gray really well for now at least.

We still don't know the name of Black, White is now named Charlie - both a girl's name OR a boy's name.

No more kitten's I hope but who knows what will happen at my father-in-law and with my wife.

My daughter is still sick but "refuses" to go to the nearest Urgent Care or hosital ER. I guess she just wants to stay sick. She's going to need a doctors excuse to go back to work at SOMETIME in the future.

More on that later.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy T02222han2222222ksgiving

Little Bit is helping mr typr and watching every botton I pus23335hz!!!!!!11143333333333333

Finally, an hour later I get to come back to this blog. The kitten is wandering around the rest of the house - or should I say RUNNING around the rest of the house. He acts just like nothing has changed, like Black did not disappear, nothing. He slept in our bedroom/bed last night. Sleep is not the true word I was looking for since cats/kittens are nocturnal animals. They sleep all day and are up all night it seems.

I wanted to get a picture of him helping me type but as soon as I got my phone he was gone, doing something else. He runs up and down the hall, jumps up on the bed, explores everything. It's a new experience being out of the kitchen. But he is so lovable and snuggles big time, climbs on my shoulders, pulls my glasses off.

More as I get time. Here he comes again....

Happy Thanksgiving.....


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

New home for "Black"...

We finally found a new home for Black which means we only have one kitten left and we are keeping it. So for now we are back to 'normal' after 13 weeks of kitten-sitting. It has been interesting. fun. challenging, tough, sad, fun, Vet filled, trying and all in-between.

Black's new home is with a young girl who works at Pampered Paws and has another kitten about two weeks older than Black. She knows about kittens, dogs, and taking care of them and she wanted a 'playmate for her other young kitten. It should be a match made in heaven. We were out putting up flyers when we went by Pampered Paws and she told my wife "I think I just hold on to this..." Two days later she called to pick Black up.

Gray - better known to us as Little Bit, does not and has not taken anything from the dog or anyone else for that matter. He may only have one eye and is the runt of the bunch but he stands his ground. He is 100% lovable and our 11 year old male cat loves him which is a plus.

Here is a photo of all three kittens before they got their forever homes. White was first to go. His name is now Charlie and the girl who got him loves him and sends us pictures/videos weekly. Black goes today and Little Bit found love with my wife.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Now the kittens are "All cleared"...

Black was the last kitten pronounced "All clear" by the Vet yesterday. That is such a good sign but we knew she had to be cleared since the others were cleared. White, "Charlie", now has a forever home, so does Gray, "Tabby", now all we have to do is find black a new forever home but we are looking.

They are eating MUCH better, much neater, and pooping better. This morning I had the chance to restless them from the kitchen confines they have been in for the past 11 weeks. They ran all over, the dog chased them, then hid everywhere and they ran faster than the dog does.

We took them out of the kitchen last night and the Dog was put on his leash just to keep him under control. He did much better as I held on to him.

Monday, November 13, 2017

One gone, one kept, one to go

ONE gone, one kept, one to go and today is the start of a great week. One kitten to going to his new home today as a birthday gift to our waitress at Hollier's. She has been waiting on 'him' thru all his Vet visits, parasites, meds and more meds, and other delays. But she has been patient thru all these weeks and weeks and weeks - 12 to be exact. She has seen pictures of him and heard us talk about him for weeks.

The ONE we are keeping is also clear but he is the rut of the group - the Tabby that our male cat seems to like an gets along with. He is also the one who only has one eye. Our last one to give away is the black female and she is so well trained and so 'lovey' that we "hate" to give her away but KNOW we have to.

White - new name is Charlie - is gone. He was picked up last night and headed to his Forever Home. We are so happy but so sad to see him gone. It was the new ower's birthday and she had been waiting on his "All Clear" for weeks and weeks. We will know how he is doing since we eat at the restaurant where the waitress works plus she has my wife's number and vowed to send pictures etc.

The black kitten will have her 'stool' checked today and hopefully get the all-clear and we can post a notice to her adoption at the Vet's office.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Strange, but I haven't blogged since October

Strange, but I haven't blogged since October 31. Things have gone good around here. The kitten's are fine the cat and dog are good, my wife and I are fine also so all is well.

Except, that I went through a case of the 24 hour bug a couple of days ago and at that time I was shivering, had the runs, was throwing up, hurt all over, could not sleep, wanted to do things did not want to do things, thought I was gonna die, knew I wasn't; but just had to make it "through it". A day late but I felt today I feel much more like my old self.

Our washing machine is leaking and about to quit on us. My wife decided we need to invest in another so she began her exhausted search for a new one - which lead to needing a new dryer also, need flooring in the laundry room which led to driving around, checking this one, then these and then this and that,

Phew. Plus my son's fiancĂ©; live-in girlfriend, house mate for the past five+ years had her birthday and w  in, thee were all invited. He/she chose a very noisy place. After two and a half hours there my daughter wanted us to come by - where we spent another 3-4 hours talking about the old house. When  we finally got home the cat wanted in, the dog wanted/NEEDED to go out, the kittens NEEDED to be feed, and this was all after we had been gone 7 hours. We got home after midnight from a party that began at 5.
Story goes that we did not get to bed til well after 1am.

Friday, was just more of the same sort of. We went out shopping then about 6ish we swung by my son's house so my wife could look at his machines - that lasted a long while. Then he suggested a place to go eat while she wash a load of her clothes. She did then we went to eat clear across town. But the Mexican food was good but the spoke no "ENGLISH" and service was slow since it was a game night. We got back to my son's house late which meant we got home late again.

Saturday turned out to be good sort of again. We got the animals fed, walked, cleaned up after, and played with. The we tackled what we could before we could leave. ad to run by vet with 'stool sample from kittens' to be checked. I shampooed the carpet outside the laundry room.

When my wife got back she said she had news. "The kittens are "CLEAR" of parasites and free for their FOREVER HOMES!