Monday, November 13, 2017

One gone, one kept, one to go

ONE gone, one kept, one to go and today is the start of a great week. One kitten to going to his new home today as a birthday gift to our waitress at Hollier's. She has been waiting on 'him' thru all his Vet visits, parasites, meds and more meds, and other delays. But she has been patient thru all these weeks and weeks and weeks - 12 to be exact. She has seen pictures of him and heard us talk about him for weeks.

The ONE we are keeping is also clear but he is the rut of the group - the Tabby that our male cat seems to like an gets along with. He is also the one who only has one eye. Our last one to give away is the black female and she is so well trained and so 'lovey' that we "hate" to give her away but KNOW we have to.

White - new name is Charlie - is gone. He was picked up last night and headed to his Forever Home. We are so happy but so sad to see him gone. It was the new ower's birthday and she had been waiting on his "All Clear" for weeks and weeks. We will know how he is doing since we eat at the restaurant where the waitress works plus she has my wife's number and vowed to send pictures etc.

The black kitten will have her 'stool' checked today and hopefully get the all-clear and we can post a notice to her adoption at the Vet's office.

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