Wednesday, November 22, 2017

New home for "Black"...

We finally found a new home for Black which means we only have one kitten left and we are keeping it. So for now we are back to 'normal' after 13 weeks of kitten-sitting. It has been interesting. fun. challenging, tough, sad, fun, Vet filled, trying and all in-between.

Black's new home is with a young girl who works at Pampered Paws and has another kitten about two weeks older than Black. She knows about kittens, dogs, and taking care of them and she wanted a 'playmate for her other young kitten. It should be a match made in heaven. We were out putting up flyers when we went by Pampered Paws and she told my wife "I think I just hold on to this..." Two days later she called to pick Black up.

Gray - better known to us as Little Bit, does not and has not taken anything from the dog or anyone else for that matter. He may only have one eye and is the runt of the bunch but he stands his ground. He is 100% lovable and our 11 year old male cat loves him which is a plus.

Here is a photo of all three kittens before they got their forever homes. White was first to go. His name is now Charlie and the girl who got him loves him and sends us pictures/videos weekly. Black goes today and Little Bit found love with my wife.

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