Friday, June 12, 2015

Explorers Saturday trip #3

We can tell just from the past two post that I loved what I was doing. Plus I'm so sad that I was forced to quit due to my medical forced retirement.

Our third trip was planned to coordinate with the re-enactors being at Fort St Jean Baptiste du Natchitoches. It was before the holiday and just before we started studying the Era. By this time my students knew what to expect, what they were going to see, due, experience.

Again we left early on a Saturday for the long bus ride through the hills of northern Louisiana. We pulled into Natchitoches about 9am and watched a short DVD of Fort St. Jean Baptiste then we looked around at the displays and artifacts. Afterwards we walk over to the fort - a recreation of the original from 1714.

We got to watch the re-enactors fire the cannon, their muskets, then we walked inside the fort. Strangely, when we got inside the 'current date' melted away. The re-enactors played their parts perfectly. That did not change until we walked outside of the Fort.

We tried to break their stories but never did. They "told" us about their families back home in France, how they became French Marines, If they were married, how long they have been 'in country', etc, etc, etc. We watched cooking demos, craving demos, looked through the very limited general store and learned a few new games. After a few hours we moved on to our next stop.

We headed to the oldest cemetery in Louisiana, the American Cemetery. We saw graves from the early 1700s. My students did rubbings of tombstones, took photos of some early tombstones. After about an hour we were on to our next stop. We did rubbings of street markers on the Walk of Fame.

That then took us to lunch time at Lasyones on secont street. We sat upstairs in the banquet room. We had a great time telling stories, jokes, etc.

From there were did a scavenger hunt along front Street where we divided into groups of four plus an adult to search for hidden items up and down the four-five block sidewalk of Front Street. Afterwards we gathered on Cane River Lake to watch the fireworks. We sat around for hours just waiting on the beginning. Students got to wander around the festival down along the Cane River area. They enjoyed themselves.

Then the fireworks started and WOW - they were fantastic. An hour+ fireworks kept them mesmerized,

From there we walked back to the bus, about three blocks away and began the long trip home.

Next trip will be the Chenneyville/Eunice trip.

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