Saturday, June 13, 2015

Another Saturday #4

You can suddenly see that I have/or had no life on Saturday. I loved traveling with my Explorers. By this time I NEVER had problems keeping them under control. We always left early with my famous quote "Be on time or we leave without you...catch us at out first stop if you can".

My Explorers knew what to expect, our Explorers shirts tucked in - ALWAYS, polite questions, be ready to take photos, do drawings - no matter how bad you thing they may be, take notes, and turn your essay in on Tuesday morning before school. They always did. Every time we got back parents would complain because they had to hear all the stories. Parents loved it. They also knew if I said we would be back at 10- 10:30 - 11 etc. we were back ON TIME.

This trip was different, not to me, but to my Explorers. We started at Loyd Hall.   It consisted of a tour, drawings, ghost stories, photos, a tour of the bayou in front of the house - AND picking cotton. My students were given a one gallon zip-lock bag to fill with cotton - and walked a LOT. There was over 800 acres to pick from around the house. When they filled their bags they were given another smaller quart bag and told they had to separate the seeds from the cotton. Both bags had to be turned in with their essay on Tuesday. And they were!

Ms. Bullah told us lots of ghost stories. The we had a plantation lunch at Loyd Hall. My Explorers were amazed and very good. It include things they have never had a home, that's for sure.

By early afternoon we left for Eunice and the Acadian Culture Center then to Liberty Center. First at the Culture Center we got to see lots of artifact, many of them they would see later in a film would would watch in class. They sat through cooking demos and got to sample the food. We watched a film on the Acadians which we would cover a bit later in class.

When the center closed we walked around the corner for a BIG SURPRISE -  we 'watched' the recording of a Cajun radio production and listened to a Cajun band - but the fun part was they got to Cajun dance down on the main floor with lots of other folks.

Finally, about 9 we got back on the bus and headed home.

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