Thursday, June 11, 2015

Explorers day trip # 2

So you have seen that I am very passionate about teaching because I love taking students around the state month to month. I have ask other teachers to come along and other history teachers have begged to travel with me but have NEVER made their first trip. I have asked but they are afraid of giving up THEIR weekend. They don't like the students as much as I do.

For my second trip I decided that we would travel on a school day which severely cuts our day. We had to leave after school started and be back before the bus had to run her afternoon route.

On this trip, we went to Lafayette to visit the Acadian Village. I love this place, even better then the much better known Vermilionville. As we got to AV, I passed out the script to the opening scene of Belizaire which was shot here in the church. I wanted the students to understand what they would see later in the year. As we walked around I made my students take photos of various places because I knew they would recognize them later.

The whole trip was a real teachable moment. We also walked around to the Indian site way off the normal path to see the artifacts and stories of Louisiana's Native Americans we were about to get into in a couple of weeks.

We ended up with a picnic lunch then a photo shoot of things they wanted for later. They also did a sketch of the church for their scrapbook. We left for home about 12:45pm.

Essays were due on Tuesday, no fail. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Our next trip is to my most favorite place in Louisiana - Natchitoches.

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