Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wednesday night to Thursday morning

As I said, our grand daughter spent the night with us and as normal that meant she slept in the bed with us, She sleeps like the crossbar of the "H" and pushes me off the bed every time she comes over which is why I'm up and typing here at 3AM. I want to sleep but that's not happening.

Basically I sitting up at my computer just going thru the motions till I fall asleep sitting here. Goodniggggggggggggggg................

Wow...What a sleep - it's now 8:30. My wife just took my grand daughter off to school - late - but at least the off to school. I got dressed, took my BP and BS counts and got dressed for PT later then came back to this site.

Now I have to figure out what I am going to do the rest of the morning. I jumping from one webpage to another to another and cap-napping in between. I'm not really getting anything done.

I did come across another platform for blogging - WordPress. Kind of cool. But then again it does not work as well as here. Maybe no one reads this but then again I only write this because no one comments.

If I knew people were reading this I would get more serious and start using my journalism degree for something other than just a degree. It might force me to get more into this media and leave FB and Twitter along. I mean, I used to blog seriously everyday and had lots of readers when I was at Xanga but now, I have nothing to write for.

I don't even know if ANYONE even knows these Blogger accounts are even here. I have been surfing Blogger and it seems that everyone I come across last posted in 2010 or earlier.

PT took about two hours today.

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