Saturday, February 7, 2015

Friday, the end of another week...

Man o man. I cant believe it has been another week. How fast do these things seem to pass? Having PT three times a week and my wife having things to do three afternoons and nights a week, wow.

Just killed time placing an order from Amazon for PT items. I have been wanting to do several of the exercises but they won't schedule me for them - and I have done them before in my very first visit to PT at the hospital.

If they won't schedule me then I'll take matters into my own hands and order them.  One is an over-the-head pulley to help strengthen my left arm. I KNOW I need it, maybe they don't.

Several of my exercises at PT, they seem to be worried that someone is not watching over me to help to see how much, to tell me what...I know the drill. My brain still works well and if they say do it 20 times. I do it 20 times - or more. I just want to get better sooner and faster. Just tell me what to do and then get out the way.

This morning I have taken the dog outside to do his duty, then played on the computer, then....

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