Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekend notes....

Saturday morning, and we'll see what today brings. Yesterday I just wanted to go somewhere. ANYWHERE, just get out of the house. We did really go anywhere, I texted my sister but she was babysitting her GD and so that didn't happen. I ended up going to bed EARLY, about 8PM. I did get a GOOD nights sleep. I got up about 7:00AM, checked my emails, read the newspaper online, did a very quick of FB, then came over here to see what's happening - which is nothing.

Life is just turning out to be one big bore.

And like that, Saturday is gone. Now it is on to Sunday. Things done generally work out like you plan at 8AM. They always take different turn, twists, etc. I done know that we are going to church later - I think. After church we will come home for dinner - I think. And after that who knows where the bay will take us. Okay, you see what I know and don't know.

I finally found lots of middle school blog contacts. Now I hope that means lots of CONTACTS FOR MY BLOG. now it means I have to get serious with this blog.

We did go to church and did have a nice lunch here at the house. I have then spent my time surfing the internet for other middle school sites to add to my list. I am hoping that some back folks will stop by for a visit it I join their page. I am now on sever folks email list also.

Just started my Google+ website - MrE-Old Man and His Blog

It has been a wild afternoon, actually I am now getting hits to my email every hour for my blog. Maybe I did find out where all the middle schoolers "live". They are on Bloglovin'. Who knew?

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