Monday, February 9, 2015

Another "new" week....

Monday is here again, just what I don't want or need right now. I just fired off an email to my insurance company asking why they did not cover any of my PT, only then to open a letter from them I got Saturday telling me that they did pay a large part of my claim. I don't mind paying part of the claim but the WHOLE amount was just too much.

It seems like my mornings every day are the same.
   1. Get up head to bathroom
   2. Go back to my scale, weight myself
   3. Get my pants, put them on
   4. Come to my desk and take my BP  and record it and my weight on an excel sheet on my computer
   5. The take my BS and record it
   6. Record the time of day this is all recorded
   7. Put my socks and shoes and brace on
   8. Take the dog out of his kennel and take him outside to do his business
   9. Come back inside give the dog his treat
   10. Then give cats theirs
   11. Feed all the animals
   12. Finally, sit down to check emails
   13. Eat some dry cereal
   14. Drink some Crystal Lite
   15. Read the online newspaper
   16. Check in on FB
   17. Check in on this blog
   18. Read a few other blogs
   19. Check in on several of my teacher sites
   20. Go back to bathroom
   21. Listen to my wife's alarm go off for the tenth time

Now I can begin my day , which is eerily like the day before and the day before that. When you are retired and on PT things begin to look very much the same every day. I don't care for it but "it is what it is."

The dog is now curled up on 'his' chaired fast asleep, generally all the cats are back asleep now. My wife is still sleeping and her alarm is ringing again for the 15th time.

And all this happens before 8:45 if not earlier.

What WILL happen later? My wife will finally get up fix breakfast for me and her about 11 to 11:30. She will work at some little job and forget what she said three days ago that she NEEDS to do. Later I will leave for PT and she will leave for orchestra which she teaches at, then community band which she plays with. I will call in an order to Dominos Pizza, go pick it up, come back, eat it, get ready for bed, she will get home about 8PM, I will watch the news at ten, head to bed...all while she stays up and piddles with her iPad or whatever she is working on.

Never once does she ever do that thing she NEEDS to do. She also gets MAD if I ever remind her of that thing she NEEDS to do. So I just don't ever say a thing, and later she will get mad because I didn't remind her and now she has to rush to get it done.

Just another Monday.

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