Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The NEWBIE Strikes!

So the new year began today – sort of. I had a “new teacher orientation” from 8-noon. I attended as a 21 year “NEWBIE” teacher but it is all about new to this school. Maybe I need get a map of the school, a tour of the teachers’ lounge that I never go into, and were the faculty restrooms are or things of that sort.

There are little things everyday that need me to look into but nothing that I HAVE to do. Now come Friday evening I have a “Math Night” meeting (their version of Drop Everything And Read) to go to with all the middle school teachers, then Saturday there is a “Safeguarding God’s Children” class that I have to attend.

Real school starts next Tuesday for our first in-service. That will continue Wednesday and Thursday also. School for the students begins on Monday the 15. By then I better be ready. Everything else begins as the school has given me a full calendar for everyday of the year. Boy this school has something planned from pre-school to 8th grade dances and assemblies.

At my old school I had to beg for stuff to put on the calendar each month.

Today I got my brand new laptop and an offer to help with the school’s webpage. I KNEW IT WAS COMING but if it means I can get closer to 100% I’ll take it. I was also asked about a school wide TV production which I would love to do very much.

Life is picking up as the school year gets closer and closer.

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