Thursday, August 4, 2011

Two Days to go

I have talked to the systems bus transportation people so that we can use their bus for my history club. I talked to my favorite bus driver and she is so glad to drive for me and the new school. She told me, “You are gonna love these kids. It’s not what you have been used to all these years. They will love you and what you are going to bring to them.” That’s another good sign that the HEART made the right decision.

As I signed all my pay paperwork for the new school I did not add anything to the check. I NEED the full check since it will be so much less than I used to make. But God called me to do this and from all comments, I have made the right choice. The principal always says “It’s a God thing!” I hope so.

The room is ready, my day one plans are set, my in-service reading is done, and I have keeps to most everything in the school. I have an in-service Monday evening on Ed-Line, the website that applies the teachers to let parents and students know what is going on every day. From what I hear it is a lot like BlackBoard so I can do all my wizardly stuff to make it my own.

So as you can see this is my last weekend of peace and quiet. I never stop working of doing things. I have uploaded tons of things to TeachersPayTeachers to maybe get something going. As a secondary school teacher sales have been dead with a capital “D”. I did have one person who sent me a compliment when he said the freebie I was offering was “Awesome! I would be willing to pay $5 for this. Thanks for making it free!”

I comment back that I’m glad he could use it. My own students loved it and that why I designed it. I would be willing to give all my stuff away if only TPT would let me. I figure that if it works for me maybe if could work for someone else. No, I do not think all my stuff is that good but it helps my own students and that is the only thing I am trying to do.

Sorry but is not about the money, it’s about helping students. I guess that’s why I love doing this.

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  1. Good luck with your new classes. If you want a free teacher resource site, try
    I send my stuff there.