Sunday, August 7, 2011

Last day of summer!

Here it comes. Tomorrow is the first day of my new life – except for the fact that my new life has been starting in spits and puttering for over two weeks now. Tomorrow we will be going over techie stuff that I have been dying to learn. I will take what they “teach” us and run with it full force. I know what is coming; I just can’t get into it until they give me my password and my new email account.

I have surfed the EdLine website, loved at all that I can do, and tried to get familiar with the program before I get access. I have told the teacher that within a couple a days she could use my site as an example of what can and should be done on the site.

Once I get my email account for the new school I can get in touch with a few of my former friends at the old school and ask them to stay in touch. I have some very long-time, and very good friends that I don’t want to lose. I hope that we stay in contact right along with my new teacher friends.

It’s going to be hard to sleep tonight knowing that my summer vacation is over and life starts anew tomorrow. I have met several of my new students and prepared for my first week’s classes. However, this week will be my dress rehearsal of all my lessons, getting my printouts done, and preparing what I will say and do those first couple of days.

You can tell I’m a class nerd. It may be my 22nd year but my stomach is all aflutter.  I am ready to jump in with both feet. I have my students signed up for my online quizzes and ready for their online Collaborize Classroom essays. I want 70-80% of their work done online and parents to help them and me.

I need to quit typing and call it a night but I can’t. Guess I’ll go read TPT, upload a few new assignments, worksheets, and other goodies. I’ll look into their forums, check Facebook, check on my Twitter account and just keep busy until I can’t hold my eyes open.

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