Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today it starts

You can tell it is school time. I was awake and up at 3 AM. Not that I wanted to be but because my body just would not turn off. I’m sure that in a few hours it will shut down and I will need to take a nap. However, sooner or later I will get back into my normal sleep routine. But for now, it is just too dang early.

So far I have eaten come cereal, read the online newspaper, checked the local TV station’s website, read my Facebook comments, and checked my two email boxes. I checked in on my school website, and personal school page, then checked my stuff on TPT before jumping on this blog.

It is very dark outside but I know that the alarm would have gone off  - or WILL go off – in just about half an hour then it really will be time to get up and get going; two hours after I already got up.

We had a great day yesterday learning about Edline and and what we can and cannot do on our own site. I just need to find out if I can check in on other’s pages to see how and what they have done. I know that I jumped on mine quick last night and uploaded photos and posted calendar events, web links, and other opening items for my students.

Now it is just time to start our regular in-services and do the Stephen Covey “The Leader In Me” training before school starts. I have done a good bit of the reading that is required. I just got the book two days ago so I am behind most of the regular teachers. Plus I have read and finished two of the books the 6/7 grade classes will be doing this year so that I can start my “Art in Lit” classes.

Went I got home yesterday I found a large package waiting for me. It is my new Civil War uniform. All the shirts, pants, coat, belts, buckle, cap and accessories. And it is all wool – regulation material. Wool in August. I tried it on but boy is it HOT. Good thing I won’t be wearing this till December or January. It is all very heavy. How did those guys in the 1860’s wear this stuff – and fight in this material?

It’s 5 AM and now I am getting sleepy!

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