Sunday, June 17, 2018

Here I go again....

Here I go again, maybe, just maybe I can make this blog work or maybe I need to move this blog to another site so I can get more traffic. I read blogs all over the internet at various sites and they seem to get much more interest and traffic. This site tends to get nothing even though I do have few - FEW - followers.

Currently, I am spending my time searching thru blogs looking for the best of the best and keep finging that Blogger is up near the top - that's good - I guess.

I have also found out what I aleady knew - you HAVE to have something to blog about. Something you are passion about. That may be a problem.

I also want FOLLOWERS so that will make me write more and better blogs. Right now I only have 16 but they seem to be better following than commenting on. Leave me notes just so I know you were here. PLEASE.

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