Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Once again it is Monday...

Once again, it is Monday and once again I am trying to blog after a day long visit to various emails, blogs, posts, comments, etc.,etc., etc.

We have kept our granddaughter overnight and I'm up early trying to think of anytang really substanial to blog about. I do have things to work on for TPT, plus my wife and I have our anniversary(47 years) coming up tomorrow, my son and his family are leaving on vacation soon, and I have this blog to write but there is othing important to blog about....

I have been working on my Plotting Huricanes worksheet which got me 'somewhere' at least.

Welp, here it is. Another day and I stil did not get this blog done. It's now Tuesday, our anniversary. last night was a community band concert, a V-E-R-R-R-RY long afternoon plus a very long evening after the concert and I never got this blog done.

Now its going to be another ver-r-r-r-y long day while my wife work's at 'kid's day' at CiCi's facepainting then church choir practice for Sunday's mass at the catherdral for the Bishop. Did I say this was our anniversay? 47 years but who's counting....

Plus it' raining, a lot!

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