Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Things are going MUCH better....EXCEPT....

Things are going MUCH better today since we found out the kittens will and have eaten a little dry kitten food from Fancy Fest. I got up fed the kittens, fed the dog, fed the cat, took the dog out, all before my wife got up.

When my wife got up I had cleaned the kitchen, all the dog and cat bowls, cleaned the litter box - as much as the kitten's would let me. All while my wife was on the phone with our daughter. Then she came in and sat and played with kittens a bit.

Then she tried a little dry food because the kittens were still acting hungry. Then were both feeding them dry and they were lapping it up. After about five minutes, one seemed to be full and went to get some water, then another went to get some, and all started playing - acting like kittens.

All was going good for the day until...first we took the kittens by to show my wife's dad and went well at first. Then he had to show us how he has been pampering kittens and brought two of them inside. They were scared to death because they had never been inside. They slipped away and hid. We finally found them then her dad asked us if we could find them homes? Then he started talking about shooting all the cats he had around his house and turned my wife off again. We left then.

From there we went to meet a girl who had wanted one of the kittens but she ended up deciding NO, not now. From there we went to see the Vet - just a quick, normal check in. That's when things turned bad.

The kittens kitten's still have a parasite and we will have to medicate tem for another week PLUS separate them from each other for a week. Ouch!

We came home feed them, put them to sleep and headed to "lupper" to tell the other girl she now could have the white kitten after we keep them for another to get them fully weaned to dry food. Did not lie, but did not tell her the whole truth.

From there we went to Wal*Mart to get items we were going to need to fulfill the Vet's orders. All this while dealing with my daughter's desire to move to the country, my wife's getting money out of her account to purchase items for the country......

All it all it went from a very good day to a bad day with the Vet's discovery and orders.

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