Thursday, October 5, 2017

Kitten's part three

Kitten's part three, or I think this is part three. It could be part six, seven, eight or who knows. Things have been so crazy around here that my wife and I don't even know what day it is or when they started doing....

Even today things are going "different". One, I decided to NOT turn the light on as I got up this morning in the room next to where the kitten's sleep. It's been a good sign so far. I have had an hours worth of eating, reading my emails, reading the paper, and now continuing this blog page and not a peep out of them....

I'm actually ready for them to wake up and get fed because we are scheduled to go lunch with our grand-daughter, then go out to eat ourselves, come home and wake the kittens, then feed them and take them to their vet appointment. Will we get it all done?

Who knows? It's early yet......

Did we make it? Yes we did sort of. Got them up, fed and back to sleep. Then we made it to eat lunch with our GD, our own lunch. back home, woke them up, fed them - sort of - and made it to vet's office just 5 minutes late.

We got back home and they were all passed out sleeping. My wife ran off to LC again to do what she had promised for a fellow orchestra and I ran to Walmart while the kittens are still sleeping.

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