Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kittens Four, er, three...Part Four

The story of the kittens when very well yesterday as we had our granddaughter for the day and she was a very big help. She managed to help get them all to finally eat out of a dish - not a bottle. By their evening meal they were all eating a full meal then playing a long time.

The evening/night went well and we all went to bed at about 9pm. All but me got up around 7:30. I got up at 5 and read the paper, read my emails, etc. The kittens got up at about 7am and my GD and wife got up about 7:45.

The kittens ate really, really well and played all morning then went to sleep around 10.

Today they were crying around 7 but I left them in their kennels until I put out their litter boxes, took my meds, then let them out and each made a bee-line straight to the litter boxes. I slipped out and left them to play, settle down, and I got my shoes on took the dog out.

When I came back in they were quiet, I managed to slip in a fix my own breakfast, re do my meds into my pillbox, and do my last minute choses in the kitchen. Then I slipped out again and now they are quiet as can be.

My wife is now up yet I'm letting her sleep a bit longer - which is a good thing. I'm blogging away and it is still very quiet. I CAN hear patter of tiny feet so I know they are okay, so far.

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