Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kitten sitting part two

The time of kitten-sitting has gotten much better and much worse. The better is that they are now eating - semi-eating - semi- soft - food and that is the start towards real eating which would be a good thing.

They are still being bottle fed but we can live with that. Their schedule is getting better by the day. We are getting a little relief during the day - it may not be a lot but it is something.

The worse news is that we lost one kitten the other evening. She just went peacefully into the next life while we were rocking it outside on the porch. It sort of chocked/coughed and passed away right there in my wife's hands. We buried her today.

Today the remaining three have a vet visit this afternoon.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Kitten sitting......

This is a very tough time for my wife since her dad is going down in health, sort of. She went over Friday and found out he now had three new kittens that were abandoned by their mother/mothers and were "crying" like crazy. She went out, bought kitten formula and a small bottle a tried to help he dad. 91. to learn how to feed them. On Sunday we went back and he 'said' he tried to feed them two or three times that day but we think they weren't feed.

After a little talking my wife and I decided to bring them home with us. They would be dead with a couple of days if we had not. Bottle feeding four two week old kittens has been a major chore. My wife has read more and more and more online about how to care for them. She has taken one to the vet for information, talked me into helping feed one which helps a little bit.

She has gotten attached to one of them, the little gray runt. It reminds her of the cat she lost about a year ago that got hit by a car.

He dad just can not deal with all his feral cats. He loves feeding them but complains that it is too expensive yet he simple takes a bowl of dry cat food and tosses it out the back door - not enough to really feed them but enough to keep them around. We keep telling him that 1) if he would feed the mom's more they might stay around and nirse their babies, and 2) if he would just STOP feeding them they would evenvially now away and he would not have the problems of so many feral cats - he has 8-10 now.

As the days have passed on and on, the kittens have become better to deal with, they are taking much longer naps giving general only one or two to feed at a time. My wife learned to separate each of them into separate kennels so that they don't poop on each other or waller in each other mess.

we actually get to enjoy them a bit more, they tend to snuggle with me a little better, she gets to train them a little more on eating and cleaning them up a little more each day. We generally don't get much time to go out to eat unless we can catch some time BETWEEN  feedings.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Back from our "Funeral tour" but.....

Back from our "Funeral tour" but never again said my wife. The trip was just too long for 'old' people like us. The driving was just too long, the finding hotels was just too painful, her lack of meds too upsetting, meals too unlikeable, the trip back too weird.

First, we had to 'leave' right after funeral number two for our granddaughter's other paw-paw; he was just 49. From there it was a VERY LONG DRIVE to get to Dallas area but we could not find a hotel due to the upcoming Dallas/Giants game.

When we finally got to OK City things seemed to turn 'nice' We got to visit with family and friends and had a great time. There was a strange funeral service but still it was nice, then we had a nice meal with family and ended the day with more family time then a nice hotel stay.

We headed to Fort Worth which is where the trouble began. The hotel we had panned on was 'not right', it turned to be an old hotel reimaged to look nice but no way. It caused us hours of looking before we could find a hotel with space for us that night.

After finding a hotel in the DFW/FW area, it turned out to be really nice, so nice that we booked a second night even though it was a long way from my wife's sister.

After a really nice time with my wife's sister, a great day visiting, having lunch, and visiting with her dog, being turned down filling my wife's prescription, we were now ready to head home - we thought.

The next morning we found a nearby Catholic Church and stayed for a great service before heading back home. My wife was without her meds because Texas would not fill them even though she had a legal Louisiana prescription. So we had to wait til we ot to Louisiana to get it filled making the trip home 'looooooooooooong and stressssssssful'.

The trip home started nice with a nice lunch at the Collins Street Bakery but as we drove it just wore on my wife. As we got nearer and nearer to the Louisiana state line we got more and more on edge. Finally we had to just stop at small grocery store in DeQuincy and just get out, walk around, purchase a few small items before getting back on the road.

Finally after hours on the road avoiding the swollen Sabine River we made it home about dark. The cat was very glad to see us, the dog spent another nice at the PP boarding place before we would go pick him up tomorrow.

All in all it was a very strange "funeral tour" but my wife is now convinced that we will never do it again, She said "we will fly" from now on. No more long drives.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Awoke and started thinling about death......

Awoke and started thinking about death and about all the things that I need to do before it gets me so that my kids have what info they need.

Then this morning my wife took our granddaughter to school. The our grandkid's mom called to tell my wife that our grandchild's other grandpaw passed away during the night. He was much younger than us but we knew he had cancer and was in the hospital with not much time to 'live'.

He was my granddaughter's FAVORITE pawpaw. She always loved up on him, hugged him. He took her fishing, camping... I played third or fourth fiddle to her. Her mawmaw gets more attention than I do.

The other day at her birthday party she never even noticed I was there. I hate the feeling but I will just live with it for now. One day she will miss me.

We have been trying now to deal with THREE deaths in one week. One relative on my wife's side, one relative on my side and now one on OUR side of the family. Been one service already, got one to go to out of town and just waiting on the day and time for the "our" funeral.

Just got news that the 'our side of the family funeral' will be early Friday, leaving us just enough time to get out of town to make my family service.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Another "new" teacher wants/asks for help.....

Another "new" teacher wants/asks/emails me requesting help. I have NEVER turned down a request. Maybe that's why I am not making a ton of money on TPT. I just never say "no" to ant new teacher who ask for my help.

Over my 27 years of teaching I had dozens upon dozens of student teacher in my classroom from the university, and not once did I ever say "no" to any of them. That's partly why I came up with my own website - www.louisiana101. It was just to help them out. The name came from an early college class I took way back when. 

I remember each of them fondly and many went on to teaching - and many ARE still teaching. Some went on to become asst. principals, several to become principals. But I can say they all began with me way back in their early days.

Her question again started to make me think about items I have done for my store and items I need to do for my store. Sure I currently have over 570 items in my online store but I also have more I can do. The items I've done over the last two weeks have been selling about one or two a week - for "new" items. I loe the fact that I must be helping someone out there.

Maybe I'm not "teaching" anywhere but I am teaching. I still have contact with new teachers in my subject area. Thanks Kimbely.
And many thanks to all those that preceded her.