Saturday, September 23, 2017

Kitten sitting......

This is a very tough time for my wife since her dad is going down in health, sort of. She went over Friday and found out he now had three new kittens that were abandoned by their mother/mothers and were "crying" like crazy. She went out, bought kitten formula and a small bottle a tried to help he dad. 91. to learn how to feed them. On Sunday we went back and he 'said' he tried to feed them two or three times that day but we think they weren't feed.

After a little talking my wife and I decided to bring them home with us. They would be dead with a couple of days if we had not. Bottle feeding four two week old kittens has been a major chore. My wife has read more and more and more online about how to care for them. She has taken one to the vet for information, talked me into helping feed one which helps a little bit.

She has gotten attached to one of them, the little gray runt. It reminds her of the cat she lost about a year ago that got hit by a car.

He dad just can not deal with all his feral cats. He loves feeding them but complains that it is too expensive yet he simple takes a bowl of dry cat food and tosses it out the back door - not enough to really feed them but enough to keep them around. We keep telling him that 1) if he would feed the mom's more they might stay around and nirse their babies, and 2) if he would just STOP feeding them they would evenvially now away and he would not have the problems of so many feral cats - he has 8-10 now.

As the days have passed on and on, the kittens have become better to deal with, they are taking much longer naps giving general only one or two to feed at a time. My wife learned to separate each of them into separate kennels so that they don't poop on each other or waller in each other mess.

we actually get to enjoy them a bit more, they tend to snuggle with me a little better, she gets to train them a little more on eating and cleaning them up a little more each day. We generally don't get much time to go out to eat unless we can catch some time BETWEEN  feedings.

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